Alluring Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a river city with many bridges, adorned with dragons and locks of love...

The Ljubljanica snakes through the heart of town

fringed with luscious drapes of willow and spikes of cypress 

Look down and see dragons on manholes

Look up and see arrestingly red churches 

The Ljubljana castle, originally a medieval fortress, hovers above, absorbing the setting sun

And a billboard lets me know Mamma Mia is in town. Ne Zamudite! 


  1. It's very pretty and, thankfully, does not look crowded.

  2. Wow! I am so in love with that magnificent dragon, what a gorgeous soul! Stunning photos, so beautiful to see your magical world! Wishing you a Happy Spring Amanda!

  3. Truly! I'm sure which means deeply in love with who brilliant dragon, that fabulous cardiovascular! Dazzling graphics, which means delightful to ascertain a supernatural environment Millionaire Mob! Praying a Contented Our warmer temperatures Amanda!

  4. Wonderful synchronicity. I have just photographed the dragon bridge today, passing through Ljubljana on my way home to London and there it is on your post! But taken a while ago it looks like, today in this late spring the trees are still bare.

    1. How lovely that you got a chance to travel through this storied city. Yes, I was there in late fall, when the trees were turning color. Thank you for visiting my blog!


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