Postcards from the Underworld: My Favorite Beach on Ithaki

Sun, sea, solace - what more do you want from a secluded Greek beach? 

Along the winding road that connects the north with the south of the Greek island of Ithaki are three tiny coves with beaches tucked beneath the cliffs. Of the three, my favorite is called Kravoulia #2 --- but its unremarkable name belies the magnificence that awaits you when you climb down the narrow staircase to the pebbled beach. Walking across the smooth stones is like a form of foot massage, and a swim in the brisk ultramarine water wakes up all the senses. Every so often a yacht will glide past the headlands and take a turn around the cove, but many times I've had this slice of paradise all to myself. I sit here for hours, staring at the clouds dancing between the headlands, letting the sun dry the salt on my skin...and even when I take in a favorite book, The Magus, by John Fowles, 

I keep one eye on the glittering sea beyond...


  1. Oh, to be there. I cannot imagine. Tell me about The Magus. I am going to Barnes and Noble today to try and find a book that I can actually get through.

    1. I loooove this tale of psychological manipulation set on a Greek island. A young Englishman goes to Bourani (aka Spetses) to teach at a boy's school and gets caught up in the mind games of an eccentric islander. Well worth the read, but skip the terrible film adaptation with Candace Bergen playing twins June and Julie ;p

  2. What a beautiful place to be - even more so if you were able to be there all by yourself.

  3. Oh, i would love to be there just now!

  4. These places are so magical, they seem truly mythical. You belong there! The Magus touches me in different ways each time I read it, such a great tale. x

  5. Thanks. We have just returned from Paxos. I also enjoyed Magus. More recently I recommend ‘The Sea and the Mirror’ by Auden. It’s a poem based on ‘The Tempest’. My holiday read on Paxos was ‘The Japanese Lover’ by Allende.


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