Question on an Athenian Wall

Graffiti. Athens, Greece

Ever wonder about that?
What is mind......and more importantly, where is it? The neuroscientist Candace Pert states that we don't just think or feel emotions with our brain. She says, "it could be said that intelligence is located not only in the brain but in cells that are distributed throughout the body, and that the traditional separation of mental processes, including emotions, from the body is no longer valid." Our whole body is wise and our whole body is conscious. In fact, Pert states that memories are stored in the body and that the body 
is the unconscious mind.

The ancient Greeks were very good at coming up with new ways of seeing our world, through architecture, mathematics, philosophy and theatre. In all the years I've been traveling to Greece I wonder if the landscape of this mysterious country continues to be so compelling to me because of something out there, or due to something inside of me...

....or is it because of some unfathomable, alchemical relationship between them both? 

Ithaka, View of Bay of Vathy from the road to the monastery, late afternoon

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes. MARCEL PROUST

Thanks to Robert at The Solitary Walker

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