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In the corner of my bedroom is a small place I set up to meditate. The unused incense and collected dust shows that I don't use it as often as I'd like, but recently I'm thinking about starting to meditate again.

Over the years, I've gathered items from various trips that remind me to stop, slow down and appreciate the moment. One of them is a spirit house I brought home from Thailand.

Then there's the small buddha from Myanmar, a coin cup my sister brought me from Crete, and a tiny meditation bell used in monasteries in Asia.

A handful of shells from the shores of South Carolina.

And a pillow made by my daughter at age 5. Her hand is now as big as mine, but I love to look at the tiny imprint from when she was in kindergarten.

All of this sits on top of a small wooden stool that was in my family's home when we lived in England. My mom loved to collect antiques and I treasure this tiny reminder of her. Once I dust it off I will replace the items and contemplate when I will next meditate!

How do you slow down, reflect or even meditate during the day?


  1. Even though you don't have time, I bet just looking at your tableau helps and gets your endorphins moving about. I'm not religious, but superstitious to a degree. I can't stop thinking, so meditation works for me for about 10 seconds. I told my family, my epitaph should read, she thought too much. Happiest holidays to you, my new friend. Love your blog.

  2. I breathe....

    I used to meditate regularly, often at an ashram with chanting. I know from that there is a rich complete inner world. Good that you are thinking of resuming, Amanda. I just might come along :-)


  3. An opportunity to be still is an opportunity to grow your soul.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  4. Wonderful channeling artefacts and natural objects, Amanda.

    Meditation? Difficult at the moment, as life is stressful — though that probably means I need it all the more!

    Poetry, Proust, walking through winter...

  5. I don't. My alone time is mostly while I'm driving and that's far from relaxing because people drive like maniacs here. I really like that pillow with your daughter's hand on it. It must be such a sweet memory.

  6. Oh, Sis, this was such a nice post. For some reason the shells from the shore of South Carolina stood out to me. But then the hand prints on the blanket more or less melted me on the inside, especially knowing the wonderful phase of life your daughter is in now. I love that you featured the stool cleared of its treasure. I have a very good feeling about your practice as it will evolve when you are able to make the time for it.

    Read your emails and will definitely keep you posted on developments over here. I wish you a not-too-hectic end to this year and look forward to continuing on our shared path in 2014.

    With much love,

  7. I don't either. I should. I will!

  8. What treasures! It is a good idea to find peaceful time during the holiday rush. I don't meditate but I get a similar release from skiing and swimming.

  9. Does contemplation count as meditation?
    I wrote that question as a kind of joke but then on contemplating it, decided that contemplation takes me out of my body, relieves me of ego, and takes me to a place of peace. Who's to say?
    Wishing you and your family a very peaceful time as the days grow longer.

  10. Sis ~ Dust off that stool and objets of the journey and meditate. Me too! Will be thinking of you.


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