the weekend before the big storm hit, my husband and i visited our daughter in new york city. ironically the weather was beautiful and we were lucky to be able to see and do so much, completely unaware of the approaching hurricane. as always, the city and its inhabitants are endlessly fascinating. with every person you see you have to wonder at their stories...

from the eccentric


to the thought-provoking (at the 9/11 exhibit and soon to be museum)

one world trade center rising above the irish hunger memorial

my daughter walking along a half acre of ireland - a stone cottage from county mayo transplanted to battery park

reflection of husband and daughter en route to consume......

browned butter crunch topping on oh so good chocolate soft serve

dim sum at the golden unicorn in chinatown (atmosphere even better than the food)

plein air checkers

walking across the brooklyn bridge

locks of love

blending in with the skyscrapers in an all blue palette

while other folks tried on a little red

down under the manhattan bridge overpass sign 

amazing location for a wedding shot, no? (sadly, my daughter tells me this area is currently under water since the storm)

lady liberty in the distance as the sun sets over this amazing and resilient city

saying a prayer for all those who lost their lives in this terrible storm, and for all of those working to rebuild them. 


  1. NY is a city I would like to visit very much... esp. the Chinatown and of course to see the 5th Avenue:)

    And seriously, I am sure this city will be even more stronger after all it suffered...

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  2. Oh, Amanda! What a post! There is so much going on here I'm reeling trying to pick something out to comment on!

    Well, I have to say I love the black ballet flats walking over the floor graffiti and the person in the powder blue Snuffleupagus suit climbing the stairs. Those are great!

    The name the Golden Unicorn makes me wish I'd thought of that for a restaurant in fiction. Excellent. And for me, atmosphere is half the joy of eating out, if not more.

    This is such a lovely tribute to the city in the wake of a devastating storm, I'm so glad I got a chance to feast on these images, this morning.

    Lastly, thank you so much for posting a photograph of you and your family. It closes the distance in a way that makes me feel grateful.

    Thank you for these new.york.stories.

  3. What wonderful snapshots of this fabulous city. Hope your girl is doing o.k.

  4. Oh it does me good to see these healthy scenes. Thank you, just beautiful.

  5. oh sigh. i wish i could talk my husband into going, i may be spending christmas there without him, since now two of my children live there ;)
    so glad you got to see your girl!

  6. What lovely images. I have not yet been to New York and your photos make me long to go and point my lens at everything. Somehow NY has become the symbol of American resilience all over the world.

  7. What a fine tribute to New York City Amanda!
    I really wouldn't want to visit there again but would love so much to live there. How lucky your daughter is to have NYC as her home. I hope she is still safe and well. These are great pictures and I particularly love the one of your husband, daughter, and you.

  8. Delightful pictures and story, Amanda. I've never been to NYC, but I have seen lots of pictures. Good to see the three of you together. I hope your daughter is still high, dry, electrified, and warm.

  9. Your daughter is so beautiful, Amanda, and so are you, great couple
    on the streets of NY.
    i love the food shots, they all look so yummy and i love the chinatown atmosphere,too!
    I wish everyone is alright after the hurricaine and pray for the safety and health to continue their lives normally.
    All the best,

  10. Such a great city, hopefully it will be back on its feet soon.

  11. Hope your daughter did not suffer too much and lives in the dry part of the city that never sleeps.

  12. it's been awful hasn't it. my cousins are still without power, who knows how much longer that will last. Glad your daughter is OK.

  13. Resilient, yes. Here in the UK we are thinking of the USA so much right now, above all NYC and the eastern seaboard.

  14. What a great trip, thanks for bringing us along :)
    I was oohing and aahing at all of the photos, and when I got to the dim sum photo, I almost started drooling. I would LOVE some Chinatown dim sum right now!

  15. Thank you all so much for your thoughts of concern for my daughter. She was very lucky as she lives in an area that was not damaged by the storm - she didn't even lose power but she put up some folks who had no electricity for several days until theirs was restored. However the area is once again struggling with another storm that just blew in - named Athena. Say a prayer for all those people who are without shelter and power as this storm will bring freezing temperatures and more flooding.

  16. You capture my hometown so well in all its diversity! It's nice to see happy, dry photos and to think that one day soon, hopefully, NYC will recover. I'm relieved to hear that your daughter came through the ordeal of Sandy alright.

  17. isn't it eerie how a place can change so dramatically so quickly? sometimes i think about this in a life. all it takes sometimes is answering a phone call or the door, crossing a street, sometimes even responding to an e-mail. lives are so volatile, cities no less so.

    i too hope for a quick recovery and am somber for those who have suffered.


  18. i LOVE your photos and commentary. i'm very glad your daughter is fine and living in nyc. i love new york, will be there again before the end of the year. you pay great tribute to those skyscrapers, amanda. really truly terrific shots. the diversity you found and shared is so appreciated!

    love love


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