the weekend before the big storm hit, my husband and i visited our daughter in new york city. ironically the weather was beautiful and we were lucky to be able to see and do so much, completely unaware of the approaching hurricane. as always, the city and its inhabitants are endlessly fascinating. with every person you see you have to wonder at their stories...

from the eccentric


to the thought-provoking (at the 9/11 exhibit and soon to be museum)

one world trade center rising above the irish hunger memorial

my daughter walking along a half acre of ireland - a stone cottage from county mayo transplanted to battery park

reflection of husband and daughter en route to consume......

browned butter crunch topping on oh so good chocolate soft serve

dim sum at the golden unicorn in chinatown (atmosphere even better than the food)

plein air checkers

walking across the brooklyn bridge

locks of love

blending in with the skyscrapers in an all blue palette

while other folks tried on a little red

down under the manhattan bridge overpass sign 

amazing location for a wedding shot, no? (sadly, my daughter tells me this area is currently under water since the storm)

lady liberty in the distance as the sun sets over this amazing and resilient city

saying a prayer for all those who lost their lives in this terrible storm, and for all of those working to rebuild them. 

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