Goddesses in the Dust: Demeter and I Give Thanks

Unearthing the divine feminine, one archetype at a time...

When Demeter, goddess of agriculture, lost her daughter Persephone to the Underworld every year, she let nothing grow for those four months, one month for every pomegranate seed eaten by Persephone during her stay with Hades. The ancient Greek myth describing the season of winter comes to mind during this holiday, as does the thanks Demeter expressed for the eventual return of her daughter to the above world, for which she once again let crops grow and flourish, allowing for the annual harvest. 

Like Demeter, I am grateful for...

my sister's help in the kitchen

my mother's stuffed Anaheim pepper recipe

all the great classic Thanksgiving dishes

and foods of the season, including the pomegranate (which makes great centerpieces!)

and most of all

for my children coming home during the holidays

and being surrounded by

love and family

Raising a glass to all my blog friends -  and hoping everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving♡

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