Goddesses in the Dust: Young Girls' Trashy Halloween Costumes - Sexy Ghoul, Sexy Vampire....Sexy Mouse?

Unearthing the Divine Feminine, one archetype at a time...
What the hell?

Last weekend I was leafing through the circulars in the mail and I came across a Halloween costume catalog:

The two on the left were dubious enough, but it was the costume on the right that made me stop and wonder - what is she supposed to be in the full make up and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model pose? A sexy mouse? And then I thought, what age are these costumed intended to target? 9 year olds?

What has the world come to? Now it's not only mommy who wants to let out her inner wild thing at a Halloween party, it's little Ashleigh, Madison and Mackenzie too. Mind you, these costumes are all listed under the "girls" section...

I realize everybody loves to dress up at Halloween - and for the past few decades it seems that the main choice for many women is: Sexy fill in the blank - nurse, bunny, etc. etc. Hell, even I dressed up that way in college...once. (Although my most favorite of all Halloween costumes was modeled on the NouNou girl, a wholesome Swiss Miss type lass on the label of a Greek condensed milk product when I lived in Greece.)
I braided my hair, shoved a pile of laundry under my dress and attended a party as "barefoot and pregnant" accompanied by a friend who carried a goat's head (courtesy of the local butcher shop) impaled on the end of a pole. Needless to say, we received many looks, not so many of them favorable, as we trod through the streets of Athens that night.

Anyway, now it is 2012. And I want to say: Women - wake up!! How is letting your 9 year old daughters dress up like Hooters waitresses going to add to their self-esteem? Let me make this clear - I have nothing against adult women who want to dress up this way - but seeing ads with girls dressed up this way is just plain.......ugh. Whatever happened to classic skeleton and devil costumes without all the vamping? Kind of makes me miss the old days when I was a kid in Minnesota. As I trudged out to trick or treat on one particularly frigid Halloween, I looked great in my plain old witch costume.....

hidden underneath my snowsuit :-)

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