a vintage thanksgiving

thanksgiving, 1960s. i am the munchkin to left, next to my mom. littlest munchkin in high chair will be visiting me tomorrow. yay!

happy thanksgiving to all my blog friends - for those of you who do or don't celebrate this holiday, may the season bring you many blessings. i appreciate every one of you who takes the time to read my posts, comment and share from your heart. thank you for all the joy and friendship you extend to me. my life is much richer because of it.

with love,


p.s. if you notice my mom's right wrist, you can see where i inherited the bracelet-wearing


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Amanda. I really loved seeing a much younger you today :)

  2. Much love back to you, dear Amanda, and a big thanksgiving! Thanks for all our blog friendships that we have found, and for encouragement and joy and new ideas and sights and news about the weather in Texas or Botswana or Brazil - I feel so connected! I can sit here in my little office and look at my computer screen, and think, Now look at that little Amanda, as if I had known you all my life, and yours. Is that not AMAZING, and wonderful?

  3. every blessing to you, amanda. (adorable from an early age). you have been a wonderful part of 2011 and i look forward to more in 2012. so many blessings from so many true-blue new friends


  4. We have celebrated Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October up here but happy one to you and yours.
    One of my worst experience was driving down to Willimantic, Ct, on Thanksgiving U.S. style, to visit my son then teaching at Eastern Connecticut U. We almost ran out of gaz, were thrown out of a convenience store because the owner was going to a family dinner and were lucky to find a lunch counter still opened for another half hour with a service station right across the street. Otherwise we would have been stranded on A89 till next morning.

  5. i came back to see the little you again. ♥

  6. What a great photo! Your mother is very chic :-)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  7. Amanda you looked cute!
    and your Mother-a very elegant woman!
    happy thanksgiving to you all!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving dear Amanda, hope you have a lovely time with your sister.;)
    I loved this holiday during my years in the US and missed it dearly upon my leave and still do. It is so odd that here life goes on as usual.;) No celebration ad no Turkey or pumpkin pie.;))
    And what a great sentimental picture.;)I too wear tons of bracelets;))

  9. what a lovely photo. your Mother looks so glamorous. wishing you a happy Thanksgiving with your beautiful family Amanda. you really do make the world a better more interesting place! xx

  10. I *love* old family photos! And I totally recognized your features immediately. What a lovely thing to share, Amanda.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving, dear friend.

  11. Your photo reminds me of Rockwell. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I'm in NYC visiting my extended family.

  12. Sending you, dear *Twin*, loving hugs and wonderful Thanksgiving wishes to you and your family!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  13. Have a memorable Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

  14. i hope you had a wonderful day dear amanda, filled with love friends family and good food. bless.

  15. Wonderful thoughts and an adorable photo. I hope that you and your sister have a delicious time together!

    I see where you inherited your mother's bracelet-wearing and more obviously, where you inherited your beauty. She is radiant.


  16. who's the brooding sister between the swarthy men?

  17. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving - this photo is priceless!

  18. loree - thank you ♡

    i wonder do you celebrate thanksgiving in malta?

    geli - it truly is amazing and wonderful that we are all connected in this blogworld of ours - i am constantly surprised by the love out here ~ xxoo

    kj - i have loved getting to know you, a blessing from this past year♡
    thank you for your always kind comments (and for coming back to see the little me hehe!)

    paul - that is definitely NOT a good memory of thanksgiving (and certainly not a display of the spirit of the season.) i hope this year's holiday was a much happier memory for you!

  19. sara - my mom was very chic — and while i don't feel i inherited her sense of style, at least i inherited her love of bangles ;-)

    ola - thank you!! ♡

    zuzana - while you may not celebrate thanksgiving, i bet you have some fascinating holidays that are equally memorable! about the bracelets - i would love to know - bangles or cuffs?

    val - that was so sweet of you ~ thank you so much, dear val♡

  20. suze - thank you dear ♡ how was your big day?

    sarah - i hope your day was memorable - and managed to avoid the macy's day parade hooplah!

    robin - same to you dear twin ♡♡ hope you had a relaxing (and not foggy!) day! xoxo

    janet - it was a great day — i didn't have to cook everything - we all went to a friend's farm and had a big potluck this year ;-) xx

  21. lori - blessings back to you dear lori - surrounded by all your chicks (minus one :-( )

    genie - you are so sweet ~ thank you♡

    sister - hmmmm ~ now that i look closely, you do look disgruntled! what was up, do you remember? (and i guess john took the foto ;-)

    mim - hope your turkey day was a good one as well! xxoo

  22. Dear Amanda, a little bit late but wishing you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. You have an amazing family and your Mom is sooo beautiful!

    Warm wishes,

  23. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! What a beautiful lady your Mom.


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