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My friend Lola at Aglio, Olio and Peperoncino has nominated Travels with Persephone to participate in Tripbase's My 7 Links Project. The project aims to "unite all bloggers from all sectors" in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned, and create a bank of blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again. Each nominated blogger chooses 7 posts from their archives that fit into the following categories:

Your most beautiful post
Your most popular post
Your most controversial post
Your most helpful post
Post whose success surprised you
Post you feel didn't get the attention it deserved
Post you are most proud of

So without further ado, here are my answers:

Your most beautiful post:
Best. Meal. Ever. - about a random lunch stop along the highway between Ancona and Milan that ended up being well, the best meal ever. 

Your most popular post:

The Snakes of Kefalonia - about visiting a Greek island village that is home to a mysterious annual festival involving - snakes! - has received 10,000 pageviews so far since its publication in February - I guess snakes stir up all sorts of emotions!

Your most controversial post:
Golan Heights and Galilee - about visiting northern Israel with one of my oldest friends. The border incident between Israel and Syria which occurred during my trip brought up powerful emotions about an area of the world many care deeply about.

Your most helpful post:
Momma Said There'd be Days Like This - a bit of writing advice that has worked for me.

A post whose success surprised you:
Olive Harvest in Greece - November is harvest time in Greece for olives and I happened to be there to accompany my sister, who was filming a documentary about the process. It was a blast from beginning to end to see the olives picked, to sort through the glorious range of colors from dark purple to sea green, then take them to the presses and finally - taste the end product by the sea.  I loved witnessing this ancient process and apparently many readers enjoyed it as well ♡

A post you feel didn't get the attention it deserved:
Temple of Olympian Zeus - one of my first posts, which was inspired by a photo taken of my father after World War II in Athens. I loved writing this story, but my blog was just getting off the ground, so it wasn't read by anyone. 

The post you are most proud of:
A Little School in Africa - about a little school in Mozambique that was blown away by a cyclone and adopted by a group of bloggers from around the world. Students at my kids' primary school in the states sent a package of drawings to the kids in Africa, and I just received a parcel of letters and drawings back from the students at Matsopane Primary School. Stay tuned for a future post when I highlight these little masterpieces from a tiny school with a huge heart. 

Thank you dear Lola for this honor. It's my responsibility to pass it on, so I am nominating the creative minds behind these blogs for the 7 Links Project - please take a moment to check out these wonderful sites:

Options for a Better World
Stories and Scribbles
Miracle Sisters
The Violet Hour
Monkeys on the Roof



  1. 'A Little School in Africa' was one of the first posts of yours I remember reading. I was very touched. And I certainly remember the rich post about the Golan Heights.

  2. Wow Amanda, thank you. I appreciate that very much. I still remember your post about the snakes in Kefalonia. 10000 hits is awesome. I will be sure to pass this on and check out some of the other blogs you mentioned.

  3. Impressed !

    Please have a good new month.

  4. Congratulations, Amanda!

    Your blog is my personal favorite, and I will savor the opportunity to read and re-read your selections. I must admit, I never saw the one inspired by your father's photo, so I think I will start there.

    Thank you for the informative, interesting, humorous, thought-provoking posts you have so generously shared with us. May you continue to educate, entertain, and elevate us for years to come!

  5. I am a new follower for your blog, and I have been utterly overwhelmed so far! This selection of some of your favorites was perfect for me, I love the history and the tradition you infuse into each post. Great blog!

  6. I adore "traveling" with your blog. I learn so much and enjoy seeing views from around the globe.

  7. suze - that is one of my favorite posts. i just received a parcel of drawings back from the school and look forward to delivering it back to my kids' school once classes start in the fall. makes the world seem like a smaller place.

    loree -it's my pleasure. I've enjoyed reading your blog for quite a while now and you deserve the attention i hope this brings.

    robert - efharsito - wishing you a wonderful septembrios as well ~

  8. jo - you are incredibly kind. thank you, my friend, for being such a thoughtful reader - i am honored♡

    julie - thank you for your generous words, and for following. i look forward to visiting your blog as well ;-)

    farmchick - that's high praise — so very appreciated — kind thanks, dear farmchick! (some day i will learn your true identity!) xo

  9. Dear Amanda, I will also read your first post about your Dad. Mine was also a soldier, you know, but on the German side... I``m so glad that we can be friends today!
    Aren`t those little letters just beautiful? In spite of all difficulties, communication across oceans and cultures does work! And I`m sure these young African children are extremely happy and proud to have buddies in far-away America now! We think it`s little what we do, but maybe it isn`t after all.
    I`m glad you picked Monkeys on the Roof! Val`s blog is so fantastic.

  10. amanda! congratulations on the book! how thrilling. and how perfectly fitting, your writing is brilliant.

    ah, matsopane...

  11. I enjoyed this walk down your "writing past" dear Amanda.;) Some posts I recognize, some are "before my time".;))
    Congratulations with your nomination, what an exciting project.;))
    PS: My verification word today:
    Sometimes they make sense.;)

  12. I remember many of the posts you have mentioned here, also the first one about the restaurant. No wonder, your posts are always so elaborated and good

  13. i see i have some reading to do....hard to keep up with it all sometimes....always enjoy your blog though....

  14. geli - i love val's blog too......and am so happy she sent the package of letters. i can't wait to show them to the kids at our local school!

    lori - thank you kindly, dear. it was a real honor to be included in this anthology♡

    zuzana - oooh....i love it when those word veris line up with our current mindsets! thanks always for your kind comments, dear zuzana ~


  15. ola - thank you - your are very kind♡

    sue - it is hard to keep up with all the blogs out there - i try to read so many wonderful ones (such as yours!) as often as i can ;-)

  16. Amanda, I think that I found you at the very beginning and did love the post about your dad. I think it's great to be able to pass along an award to your sister -- two very talented women!


  17. Amanda,

    I participated in this a month or so ago, and what fun it was to go through and remember what I had written. I really enjoyed the post about writing and self-doubt and the words of wisdom you posted. I also remember the one about the school in Mozambique. I feel such a strong urge to go over there again and help. I wrote a post about parents sending their kids off to college and if you have time, I'd like to see what you think of the tips offered, before, during and after they leave, since you have college kids too. Thanks.

  18. Hello Dear *Fowlesian Twin*.....
    I am honoured to be among your listed blogs....although my little stories do not have the broad appeal of yours...and we know *Opera* is not for most.... still, I send you a big thank you!

    Your blog is a continuous wonder....your photos, combined with your excellent writing and your travel adventures make it exciting....and for a girl like me, who has had her wings *clipped* when she lost her job....I still feel I am seeing the world through your eyes!

    I remember all these posts - and was particulalrly moved by the one with the photos of your Father in uniform.... I think I told you my Dad fought in WWII...and I still have many photos of him and his crew in front of their plane....

    Sending you big hugs! Oh, and a sigh of relief that Hurricane Irene did not venture to close to you while you were in SC!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  19. It's so enjoyable to travel with you, through your gorgeous blog, Amanda!!

  20. Congratulations, Amanda. Some of those I remember, some not.
    But I do enjoy travelling along with you, and Persephone, and the rest.

  21. Your most helpful post..."There is no road" this and may have to copy it and place it on my inspiration board..Also what you said about writing for yourself..and for me...creating for myself..thats a hard one..but I'm thankyou..for All of the posts..I am so thankful to know you.Hugs,Cat

  22. I shall really enjoy exploring your links - some of which i remember well, but one or two i may have missed. your blog is fascinating and uplifting and always inspiring! Thanks so much for including the Matsopane link, and for including Monkeys on the Roof - I am hugely honoured xx

  23. i'm due a visit.

    i won't forget.


  24. genie, i've appreciated your support and generous comments all along - thank you kindly♡

    sonia - i just got back from taking my son to college for his sophomore year.....i will look forward to reading your post and hope i did things right! ;-)

    dear robin - i remember you told me about your dad in WWII - did he serve in germany as well?

    you deserve the honor!! in fact, the world needs to learn more about opera and what better way than through your knowledgeable eyes!!

    big hugs ~ xoxo

    philip - you are super sweet - thanks so much!

  25. big bear hugs, rob, and kind thanks♡

    cat - i hope we can continue this dialogue about how one focusses ones creative drive - i'm working on this and can always use sage advice — yours is most appreciated!


    val - the honor is all mine ~ i would love to share your beautiful words about your exotic part of the world with as many others as i can ♡♡

    kj - looking forward to it girl!


  26. Thank you my dear Amanda!! I knew tagging you would give us a wonderful selection of your excellent writing!!

    Hugs xoxo


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