Goddesses in the Dirt: Women on the Edge

Unearthing the Divine Feminine, one archetype at a time......

Issue #9: Women on the Edge

I love the work of the artist Maxfield Parrish. 

Ever since I received this:

many years ago as a wedding gift from a dear friend, I have been entranced by his images. As a die hard romantic with a big yen for Greece, mythology and the mysterious in general, Parrish captures scenes evoking all of this and more.

The women in his images always seem to be on the edge of things.

My affinity for his work has apparently sunk deep into my psyche...going through some personal photos, I noticed I like that feeling too...

the sensation that you're about to drop into the wild blue yonder.

(Surprising, for someone with a fear of heights...)

What is it about that sensation of being on the edge of something?

Is it a feeling of meeting the void? 

Of facing one's fears? 

Or just because the view is better from there?

Whatever it is, Parrish captured it perfectly. 


  1. I am not entirely familiar with the work of Parrish, but how lovely these images are. I think the view from the top/edge is always the best. Who wouldn't want to be there?!

  2. i hiked the Soufrière in St. Vincent once. there is something about being there, high up, isn't there? we're drawn to it, our spirits, always upwards, even in spite of fears:) i'm afraid of heights as well. but then this isn't about heights, is it? but it does involve fear. how to live fully. (i type that word, fully, and it seems so small.)

    wonderful metaphor and beautiful inspiring artwork.


  3. Oh I certainly understand why you love these work of art. The are captivating in a sensual, challenging and daring way, yet have a certain aura of tranquility and femininity as well. A wonderful mix.
    Love all the photographs (you are a gorgeous looking woman an the genes have certainly been passed on) and I share your love for romance and the mysterious.;)
    On another note, thank you so much for your very kind words on my post yesterday, they mean a lot.;)

  4. I think it's the sensation that we can almost fly. I too fear heights but I like to be on the edge.

  5. These women are elevated, divinized, made ethereal and weightless. It has a 20's feel about them, a Vogue attitude.
    They seem to challenge us to reach out, and beyond.

  6. I couldn't agree more. And I think the Divine Fiminine is just about to come into it's own. A new world is rising.

  7. I'm not familiar with this wonderful artist, but the parallel you draw with your own images (and the conclusions drawn) are stupendous.
    And you are così bella!!!

    The first image you posted reminds me of the work of Dante Gabriel Rossetti (there's an exhibit in Rome at the moment), another powerful, symbolic and innovative painter of women.

  8. I know that I'm barging into a feminine world but the whole post is fascinating and extolls the Godessessness (sorry for the neologism) of the Women.

  9. Hello beautiful amanda,

    I love this post, except for the sitting on the edge! I've loved Maxfield Parrish since high school when I had a much treasured poster hanging in my room (I wonder where it went?)
    Thank you for letting me remember. Cheers to the goddess in all of us!

  10. As your "Twin"...you KNOW I share an affinity for Parrish....he was one of those "rare" men who understand women....

    Gorgeous photos!!! I must dig up some of my Greek photos and send them to you....

    I feel so happy to have you as a friend (and "Twin")...we share so much..... it's extraordinary - but then again, perhaps it isn't.... it's all fated!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  11. I love how you tied your own family photos to art. I would have never guessed that you were afraid of heights – I’m getting dizzy just looking at your photos although you perch like a goddess. Good for you for facing your fears!

  12. farmchick - i heartily agree ;D

    erin - it is about living fully, pushing to the edge and wanting to see more.

    i'm not familiar with the soufriere you mention, but i will now look it up. i'm always looking for new ledges from which to peek over, face that fear.....and yes, feel full.


    zuzana - i agree about parrish - his work is a perfect mix of romance and the mysterious.......

    what very kind words, thank you so much♡

  13. loree - yes!! if we could only step off these ledges and take flight......

    rosaria - elevated, divinized and weightless.......wow. i think you just pegged parrish's esthetic in a nutshell...you have such a beautiful way with words, dear rosaria♡

    nancy - you read my mind. i couldn't agree with you more - a new world is rising and the divine feminine is seeking to rebalance the current power structure, which has been out of whack for centuries.

  14. lola -- i love rossetti's work. i hope you get to see this exhibition (i wonder where it is......?) there is a sort of pre raphaelite sensibility to parrish's work as well, but perhaps not as dark as rossetti.... one of my all time favorite paintings of his is proserpine (go figure ! ;-)

    thank you bella lola, for your kind comments. molto baci xoxo

    paul - with comments like that, barge away!! goddessessness deserves a place in webster's dictionary!

    lori -i'd love to know, which image did you have in your room?

    thank you for your very sweet comment - and yes, cheers to the goddess in allovus!!! (hehe!)

  15. robin -

    i, too, love all that we share in common -- and i'm not surprised you're a fan of parrish!

    please!! do dig up your greece fotos! I would love to see what images you treasure from this ancient place!

    love from your ♡twin♡

    sarah - it wasn't until i wrote this post that i realized i had so many shots of me standing on the edge of things! maybe on some subconscious level i feel that taking a picture standing next to a cliff makes me feel like i'm overcoming my fears...one foto i didn't include is the scariest cliff i've ever looked over on the island of zakynthos, rising hundreds of feet from the sea. just my foot is in the picture, overlooking the cliff below, didn't want to stay long enough to take a proper foto ;-)

  16. GREAT post, Amanda!

    It should come as no surprise to you to know that I LOVE all things Parrish...he truly DID understand the Divine Feminine. This is a feast for the eyes to see so many of his works together like this!

    Oh, YEAH...the view of the world is so much better from the edge!

  17. he's always been one of my favorites, amanda. in fact, i have five (5!!!) of his framed prints in my bedroom. i never thought about his women being on the edge before, and i love how you've demonstrated that.

    this is a super duper good fabulous post! ♥


  18. Maybe we hang on the edge in the hope we suddenly will develop wings and soar naturally . . . .

  19. Gorgeous images. Another beautiful post!

  20. I adore Parrish - his colors and his fantastic imagery - he has always been one of my favorites. I also never thought of his women being "on the edge" and now of course am heading straight for the Art History book to see what his issues were!
    lovely post

  21. jo - i think parrish really did 'get' the divine feminine -- and yes, the view of the world is definitely better from the edge!

    kj --- FIVE??? wow - you got me beat, girl. i've got one parrish print and have treasured it for years- the rest are all displayed on my office wall in the form of postcards!!

  22. janet - i'll be thinking of those wings the next time i find myself facing a cliff....... ;-)

    philip - kind thanks ♡

    mim - haha!! yes, please do let me know if you find parrish's creative force was generated from any interesting psychological issues in his life!

  23. these are wonderful. i adore the one of the two women on the precipice.

    for me, that edge is about adventure, and freedom. there's no restriction at the edge, just you and your two choices - jump, or not.

  24. monica - what a wonderful thought -- there's no restriction at the edge, just you and your two choices!

    thanks so much for visiting and for your comment!


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