Goddesses in the Dirt: Women on the Edge

Unearthing the Divine Feminine, one archetype at a time......

Issue #9: Women on the Edge

I love the work of the artist Maxfield Parrish. 

Ever since I received this:

many years ago as a wedding gift from a dear friend, I have been entranced by his images. As a die hard romantic with a big yen for Greece, mythology and the mysterious in general, Parrish captures scenes evoking all of this and more.

The women in his images always seem to be on the edge of things.

My affinity for his work has apparently sunk deep into my psyche...going through some personal photos, I noticed I like that feeling too...

the sensation that you're about to drop into the wild blue yonder.

(Surprising, for someone with a fear of heights...)

What is it about that sensation of being on the edge of something?

Is it a feeling of meeting the void? 

Of facing one's fears? 

Or just because the view is better from there?

Whatever it is, Parrish captured it perfectly. 

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