erasing women from history

this one really has me burned. remember the foto taken last week of obama and his advisors in the situation room, monitoring the raid on bin laden's compound? the press has had a field day with it, photoshopping in all sorts of crazy things, such as the grouchy royal bridesmaid

or the president playing x-box

that's all well and good, (albeit somewhat disrespectful, considering the gravity of the event) but nothing struck me as disrespectful as what i read today. an ultra orthodox newspaper out of brooklyn also published the iconic photograph, with one exception: it erased the images of hillary clinton and counterterrorism director audrey tomason - see below:

which makes me ask:

are you serious? 

just erase their faces from the foto and voila - it never happened! according to this highly conservative jewish paper's editors (let me guess, all men........) their reason for not publishing fotos of clinton and tomason - not to mention any women - is because they could be taken as sexually suggestive.

yeah.......that's one sexy foto. 

makes you wonder what kind of mind thinks like that. so i guess it would follow they also don't think women are capable of running military operations, working for the cia or even leading the free world.

talk about the archetype of persephone in the underworld - these women were flushed underground by men who believe that's exactly where they belong: as quiet and invisible as the dead. 

so hold onto that phrase: free world. because the world, as long as this kind of mere elimination of the female exists, isn't free yet. all i know is that this mentality, and examples of much worse treatment of women around the globe - such as in the ivory coast and libya - only proves we have a lot of work ahead of us as we continue to create a balance in this world between the masculine and feminine energies.

Photos courtesy of Google images

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