erasing women from history

this one really has me burned. remember the foto taken last week of obama and his advisors in the situation room, monitoring the raid on bin laden's compound? the press has had a field day with it, photoshopping in all sorts of crazy things, such as the grouchy royal bridesmaid

or the president playing x-box

that's all well and good, (albeit somewhat disrespectful, considering the gravity of the event) but nothing struck me as disrespectful as what i read today. an ultra orthodox newspaper out of brooklyn also published the iconic photograph, with one exception: it erased the images of hillary clinton and counterterrorism director audrey tomason - see below:

which makes me ask:

are you serious? 

just erase their faces from the foto and voila - it never happened! according to this highly conservative jewish paper's editors (let me guess, all men........) their reason for not publishing fotos of clinton and tomason - not to mention any women - is because they could be taken as sexually suggestive.

yeah.......that's one sexy foto. 

makes you wonder what kind of mind thinks like that. so i guess it would follow they also don't think women are capable of running military operations, working for the cia or even leading the free world.

talk about the archetype of persephone in the underworld - these women were flushed underground by men who believe that's exactly where they belong: as quiet and invisible as the dead. 

so hold onto that phrase: free world. because the world, as long as this kind of mere elimination of the female exists, isn't free yet. all i know is that this mentality, and examples of much worse treatment of women around the globe - such as in the ivory coast and libya - only proves we have a lot of work ahead of us as we continue to create a balance in this world between the masculine and feminine energies.

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  1. I'm no feminist but this is going too far but very orthodox Jews or Islamists. On this, they are very close.

  2. Shameful, totally shameful. Do these people also photoshop out photos of their wives, mothers, and daughters from their own family photos ??? Do they know where they came from when they were born ? Or did someone forget to tell them ? Color me disgusted.

  3. I read about this in the news today and was very disgusted. Women are important in all aspects of life.

  4. Amanda,
    I've never felt so invisible and uncomfortable as when I walked through the Hasidic neighborhoods of Brooklyn. (it was the most direct way from Hannah's house to the subway).
    Women were like stepford wives, all looking the same with identical wigs and similar dress. No one would look at us, and they would even step off the curb so as to not be on the sidewalk at the same time as us. And children were turned to face another direction. (which made me the saddest, teaching the next generation).

    It was hard not to feel anger, disgust and defeat.

  5. I just saw this on the news this morning and I'm fuming! All of my sensibilities have left me and all I want to do is scream profanities at the top of my lungs for a bit. Anyone one who feels that Clinton, or anyone else in that photo for that matter, looks sexually suggestive is beyond disturbed.

  6. Women have played, and continue to play, important roles in our world — in so many ways.

    Wake up, guys; the women are here and they're gonna whoop us if we're not careful, especially if we fail to treat them with the respect they absolutely deserve.

  7. I always find it challenging when I encounter such different views. Whether it has to do with politics, religion, social views or the way we simply live our lives, I try at all times to be open minded and to understand that which is different. But there are instances when it just becomes too different to comprehend.
    The newspaper image you show here falls into that category.
    On another note, thank you dear Amanda for your kind comment on my post yesterday.;))

  8. sorry, but HC sexually suggestive??? they really must be mad about sex....

  9. What is the meanest aspect of women being hidden and locked and kept under control by men, is that the aggression does not come from the women but from the MEN! It is THEIR sex drive and power hunger that covets women, and instead of teaching themselves behaviour and civilisation, they can think of nothing else but hide the objects of THEIR desire!! Be it in a burka or like here, erase their image.
    Women should behave as in the play Lysistrata - and simply dry out those guys!!

  10. It seems we never learn. The bondage and slavery of women (and children)continues apace. The hard fact is that a big percentage of men want women to be second class citizens so that they can be masters. Pathetic but true.

  11. thank you for the post of the year, amanda. unbelievable. this is something i never understand: how men like this, in their folly, hold on to their power. i would think by now evolution would have righted some of this ^^&$$#@.

    i could leave a comment a mile long. i'm off to work so i will just again say thank you, kindred soul

  12. Glad you pointed this out to me and others. I just saw a movie based on women fighting for equal pay in the UK who worked at the Ford factory. They were lead by one ordinary working mom and she fought and got them equal pay. So I guess, it's one step at a time, even today.

  13. I have 3 daughters,,,3 strong willed daughters,,, you probably can guess my thoughts about the folks you are writing about...

  14. whaaat? and this from the Free World? what are they -aliens?? do they have belly buttons? apparently thats how you tell if they are aliens. Sicko freaks. Jeeeez
    Their women should all leave them and let them swim in their idealogies.

  15. Brava, Amen, and Hallelujah, Amanda!!

    My thoughts exactly when I read about this.

    To be trivialized or subjugated is a grievous enough sin, but to be erased from the history of any event (as women have been through the ages) is unforgivable.

    To think that this outrageous sin against women continues into modern society without consequence is truly indicative of the mountains of work left for us and our daughters to tackle.

    Thank you for fighting the good fight, Amanda. You're getting a standing ovation here.

  16. whoa! that's a visual which clearly shows the manipulation of the media we all know is rampant yet find hard to prove. proof positive when you see the photoshopping.

    the disgust is necessary to gather enough momentum to tip the balance. way to go amanda - bingo - another major nerve struck! keep the momentum going...

  17. Your *Twin*...late as usual.... this is the first I have heard about Hilary's "removal" from that now infamous photo. It makes my blood boil too.... but it is a reminder that although we think we live in enlightened many parts of the world - and yes, this includes the USA - women continue to be thought of as "Second Class Citizens" and "Sexual Objects".... the solution? Well, there really isn't one EXCEPT to keep being independant, free-willed and intelligent women! I respect Hilary - and she continues to be a shining example of a strong woman!
    As for the men who obliterated her from the photo... they may think they are "Big Men"....but I'll wager they are small in oh-so-many ways......


    ♥ Robin ♥

  18. Oh NO! We have to be alert all the time for these kinds of things.

  19. That was totally shameful. It's amazing that these things still happen.

  20. I grew up in Brooklyn so know what this is all about. I'm disgusted with the attitude but despair of change with these ultra religious groups. Let me tell you - it's a bizarre world with crazy (to my way of thinking) rules.
    I could say more but won't. The only thing I like about this section of Brooklyn is hearing Yiddish and getting good kosher deli. Wandering the streets appeals to the anthropologist in me - I feel like a visitor from mars though

  21. wow - this really hit a nerve with you all, too - thanks so much for all your comments. so good to know many men are as indignant about this issue as women - doing your part to balance the masculine/feminine!

    paul - i agree - extremism is extremism no matter what religion.

    owen - good question! makes you wonder - do they even have fotos of their loved ones - both female and male - in their homes?

    farmchick - you are so right!

    lori - wow - what an experience you share. how is it possible for people to live in this world, realistically - and not acknowledge all? it is as though you don't exist. but this is what extremism does, and this kind of behavior sure fits that paradigm, in my book.

  22. sara - no kidding. clinton was doing her job, being secretary of state, not posing as a pin-up. the minds behind this erasure are disturbed beyond words for sure.....

    r-bear - you go rob!! how nice to know we women have evolved men (ok, and bears) like you covering our backs!


    zuzana - you strike me as that kind of person for sure - always giving others a chance to express who they are. but i agree - in this case, there is no excuse whatsoever. wiping out women in such a blatant manner only points to a dangerously imbalanced mind.

    ola- no kidding! anyone who says images of all women are sexually suggestive possesses a dangerously narrow and demeaning view of women.

  23. geli - oh the greeks knew what they were doing long before us! wouldn't that be something, if the orthodox wives got fed up and staged lysistrata? hmmmm i sense a wickedly entertaining story in there somewhere....

    dd - yes, and what is up with that? the fact that men are still compelled to enslave women around the world makes you wonder what they think of their own mothers?

    kj - and that is what it's all about, after all, isn't it? holding on to their power. but if you have to hold onto power by enslaving and demeaning others, then it isn't really power you have after all. hanging onto these prehistoric ways, clinging with their fingernails...i feel the Divine Feminine is about to enter from the wings and steal the show~


    sonia - that movie sounds really interesting. sort of reminds me of norma rae, a film starring sally field back in the 80s~

  24. glenn - love the fact that you refer to your daughters as strong willed! the fact that they are speaks to your ability to support them as a strong father. go you!

    val - yes, leave them to swim in their ideologies or, as geli suggested, stage lysistrata!! hehe.......

    jo - thank you kindly♡ this post did strike a nerve, and i am so pleased to read all of these incredibly bright and insightful comments --- it reassures me to realize there are so many caring souls out there who do want to see change in the world when it comes to women's rights.

    sister - yes, maybe it does take grotesque manipulations such as this to incite the desire to seek change. women are getting fed up around the world and speaking out. that voice, you know?!!!


  25. robin - hehe! you are probably right --- insecure in so many ways.....and yes - the best antidote to such imbecility is to continue to be strong, independent, intelligent and free-willed women. spoken with such passion and strength, dear twin - i always love hearing from you!!


    rosaria - yup - count of me to seek out this kind of story and comment on it wherever i can ;-)

    loree - sometimes i have to ask myself - what year is it? what millennia is it?

    mim - what an interesting childhood you must have had. yes - there are so many wonderful things about jewish culture that have absolutely nothing to do with the kind of extremism we are discussing here. thank you for making this incredibly important point. as i said before, extremism is just that - extremism. it is a dangerous thoughtform which only serves to misrepresent any religion or culture that it 'associates' itself with.

  26. i very much appreciate everyone's comments on this post -- I did reply to each one of you, but due to problems originating with Blogger, they have all been erased!

    I'm hoping once they get things fixed, that Blogger will recover them --- until then keeping fingers crossed........

    and wishing everyone a wonderful weekend ♡

  27. Excellent post Amanda..I wish I could express myself they way you have here..When i watched it on the news I said.."What a joke".."Wake up People..get a grip of reality!!!Ugh..makes me sick to my stomach.

    Also had to thank you for the lovely images you shared in your last post..That 5th image of Parrish is just heavenly..Looking up into the night sky..listening?waiting?watching?breathing?..its beautiful!!Hugs,Cat

  28. Really?! They removed the WOMEN in the photo? Still, we’re making progress here with women in the room.

    You mentioned having problems posting comments on my blog and yours. Blogger was having system wide problems that ate most of my comments (including yours) and posts of other bloggers. They claim to be working to restore all that.

  29. Absolutely, we have a lot of work ahead...

  30. Frankly, I am . . . speechless!!!

  31. Wow, that is truly terrifying!

  32. cat - it is hard to fathom this kind of thinking~

    so glad you liked the parrish post -- his images are all about dreaming, aren't' they?!

    sarah - your point about women being in the room in the first place is well-taken.

    yes, per blogger - it's been over a week, and the comments have not been restored -- oh well, c'est la vie!

    philip, indeed we do....

    laurie- you and me both! thanks for visiting ;-)

    miranda - terrifying is a very good word for what this is.

    thanks so much for visiting!

  33. What right do they have to erase people like that? I can understand the idea of making a joke, or I can understand (but NOT approve) of people cropping photos to make a point. That's bad enough and something you'd expect from FoxNews. But this goes way beyond that. It's absolutely shameful..or shameless. I can't decide.

    I just wonder why they felt compelled to use the photo if they objected to it. I think the original photographer might have a interesting legal action to pursue.

  34. nomad - it is interesting to consider that the photographer could pursue legal action in this case. the orthodox paper didn't have to print the photograph at all and did mess with intellectual property, so.......

    either way, you bring up a very good point.


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