the texture of travel

on a recent trip, my husband took some photos which i found both beautiful and inspiring; images of cut logs, such as these he saw in a small alpine village in italy, as well as rooftiles, stones and other natural objects. looking at them now, months after our return, i began to consider something i never thought about......the texture of travel.

a stone walkway, in rovinj, croatia. how many feet have passed over this surface?

rooftiles in dubrovnic

a beach in the peloponnese, greece

how many waves have washed over these pebbles?

i think i tend to see things at a distance when i travel, taking in the big picture and often overlooking that which is closer. sights and sounds of foreign places have the capacity to overwhelm. 

seeing these images now, in retrospect, makes me want to adjust my focus the next time i find myself in a new location. while the guidebooks will forever point one towards the cathedrals, shops and museums it is my hope to better appreciate the beauty in small things....

by occasionally looking down

or up

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