reflections, window displays and a house of knives

in a small village in northern italy i came upon this house. the entire side had been covered in tools, including some rather vicious looking ones. 

you ask yourself, does some axe-murderer live here? i mean, who decorates the side of their house with scythes, axes, buzz saws worthy of a horror film? 

what would happen if a big gust of wind blew one of these off the wall onto an unsuspecting pedestrian, walking on the street below?

i love coming upon weirdness when i travel. sometimes when i'm in a foreign city i look into a shop window and see something strange -- not like this typical display, perfectly arranged and beckoning one to buy

...but like this storefront in croatia, where i passed a curious shoe-form resembling the limb of a birch tree.

and this ---- an old radio?

something as simple as a poster can reflect the world in interesting ways

my sister pointed this out to me, capturing the building across the street in almost mirror-like quality

most of the time we are looking at objects or other people, but sometimes we find ourselves in these reflections

on the side of a mountain where the sun seems to melt 

in a dead end town where sadness lurks behind the heat, crickets and dust 

or waking up on a boat 

that ferried you all night across an ancient sea

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