being a new year, i've been thinking a lot about thresholds -- limens, barriers, crossings........those places in between that we must cross over before we move into a new place, a new experience, a new life. thresholds and ambivalence go hand in hand.

these kind of transitions also include endings.

with the holidays over, the house is empty these days. for many weeks between thanksgiving and christmas it was full of kids, guests, people to feed, to entertain......lots of noise, lots of fun.

now my daughter is back to her job - but not before a warm goodbye to our airedale, mia.

and son has flown the coop back to college. i watched his taillights disappear around the corner as he drove away.

and so did mia

before he left, the floor in his room slowly became visible once again after he began packing to return to school after 6 weeks' break

and the front hall became a loading zone

goodbyes are tough, but necessary. kids need to fly off to their own lives. it is our job as parents to encourage them to do that.

as hard as it may be for them........and us.

thresholds, ambivalence. 

with moments in life that bring mixed emotions, instead of seeing just the negative, my husband and i like to say, "it's rich."

and it is. all of it. 

bless you all and may you welcome this new year with open arms. i know i certainly am. 


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