holiday pants

i don't know about you, but i'm vain enough to try to fit into old jeans i've had lying around since before my daughter's birth.

but that was a looooooooong time ago, you might say, giggling behind my back. well giggle away my friends. this is how i maintain sanity over the holidays. with all that eating......

.....such as treats like this

....and this

when you spend those 6 weeks between thanksgiving and christmas slapping on the old feedbag, you must maintain some measure of control.

that's what the holiday pants are for.

mind you, i could barely fit into them when i first wore them in the 80s -- remember guess skinny leg jeans? i completed the outfit with an ugly perm (i fell in love with michelle pheiffer's hair in married to the mob -- yes, i know - really bad movie and whowouldeverthinkthatlookedgoodfergodssakes????)

but i did.

anyway, the jeans have never really fit. that isn't what matters. what matters is that if i can actually still wriggle them over my fudgeandshortbreadcookystuffed thighs i give out a huge sigh of relief.

i have survived yet another battle with the holiday pants

just for fun, here is a shot of me trying to zip up the holiday pants.

can't. even. zip. them. let. alone. button. them.

i'm too ashamed to show my face. but you get the picture. because, for me, there's only one time of the year when i can consume sugar-coated nuts, honeybaked turkey (minus the buns, got to skip calories somewhere) my husband's to-die-for mushroom cream sauce he makes for the holiday roast capon, the glass (and yes, extra glasses when no-one's looking) of eggnog when we settle onto the couch and huddle under blankets to watch it's a wonderful life on christmas eve, where i sob uncontrollably into my eggnog glass while my children look at me sideways.

so bring on the new year. i'm ready for 2011 and more exercising, back to salmon and salad, lentils and carrot sticks. just so i can go yet another round come thanksgiving time with the holiday pants.

here are a few parting shots of christmas 2010......

reading by the fire first thing christmas morning (notice stockings on table, too lazy to hang them over the fireplace)

no matter what age they are, the kids are excited to see what santa brought

gifts before.....

and after

even mia gets a gift - yet another toy goose to rip apart, and in the all the excitement........

she promptly pees on the rug-

clean up underway!

ah, the many joys of christmas........

shalom y'all, hope your holidays have been and continue to be fantabulous.........!♡

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