the greek word for animals is zoa.... in the word zoo!

welcome to my all (greek) animal post!! she going to feed us?

 uhhhhh, looks like she's not going to feed us

we're so out of here dude

 are you going to feed us?

hey lady -- throw me a fish bone!

how did the turtle cross the road?

 my sister deb picked him up, that's how!

 what is with all these animals hanging out in the road?!

head to head combat in the goat pen

some animals we met along the way had this guy, who is called "olchen" meaning "little owl" --- doesn't that suit him?

and his brother, "edifix"

we met this handsome airedale on the streets of athens -- his name is "anestos"

anestos blurrily greeting deb

last but not least, i couldn't resist snapping this image. the acropolis guard told me this little guy actually lives on the grounds, along with a few other doggie pals........i can not imagine a more grand or stylish home for any creature......

can you?!?


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