prayer of the empty nest mom

just returned from taking last born to college. my husband and i drove him up and moved him into his dorm.......

here's what his room looked like before we started rearranging the furniture......

......and during the process, when our son and his roommate decided if they lofted their beds over their desks and wardrobes, they could have a seating (read gaming) area

here's the 'after' picture of his bed above, and desk below where he'll be 'studying'

and the seating area. after the boys lofted their beds, both sets of parents agreed we would purchase an area rug and a small couch. two hours, a visit to the st. vincent de paul used furniture store and $100 later, they had their dream room..........if only we older folks could be so happy with so little...

so we left one happy boy, settled in with x-box, all internet connections working, fridge, full supply of soda, snacks and a few things like notebooks, pens, planner

forever the nerd and a bit of an organizational freak, here is my list of things 'to do' before we left son at college. note that everything is checked off, including having a talk about not playing too much x-box.

on the way home, my husband and i passed a huge field of sunflowers. i took this as a good sign.

i didn't cry until the next day, when i realized his fencing equipment bag wasn't on the back porch where it had always been stored for the last 6 years. it's the strangest things that get to you, i realize. 

so we are now officially empty nesters. this is the sound of an empty house. 


anyway, i have a little prayer i'd like to offer up to the powers that be.......

thank you god, goddess and universe

for hearing my prayer

watch over my son now that he has gone away to college. please keep him safe. praying that he does well in school, makes some nice friends......eats and sleeps reasonably. 

does his laundry. 

and texts his mom sometimes. 

mother of the empty nest


p.s. miss ya my funny little guy

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