new york state of mind

i had a wonderful visit with my daughter and her boyfriend in new york. i especially liked bryant park, where we shared a sandwich during her lunch break and saw this cool sign (i feel an odd affinity with nikola tesla as we share the same birthday---) 

...and where we watched some guys play bocce ball

i love the way new yorkers do everything outside, like play chess...

or provide an outdoor library for people to check out books...

i spied a copy of euripedes' medea -- not exactly light reading on your lunch break (haha)

we dined indoors at a couple places, including crumbs, which makes one hell of a good red velvet cupcake

and this iconic new york deli, where the sandwiches are served by an octogenarian waitress named annie who could barely carry our order -- 

---about eighteen pounds of corned beef.......but sooo good

it was a glorious weekend weather wise, so we spend most of our time outdoors -- like watching the sailboats in central park

taking a cruise around manhattan to see 

lady liberty

but mostly we spent our time outside



and more eating. lots of forks sharing eggs with prosciutto and sage....ahhh brunch

after brunch we visited the highline

 a raised garden built on a railroad trestle in chelsea. yet another cool thing new yorkers can do outside

i love the signs i see around the city ---
i started this post with a sign, so i will end with a couple that made me smile......

and this one, above an outdoor garden in greenwich village, which says......
stop talking!
 listen to the birds.........



  1. Que lindo! I am always in a New York state of mind, always. My soul belongs there though it is impossible for me to live there at this time.

  2. Yes, I remember visiting Bryant Park, with its literary visitors and restrooms with fresh flowers and attendants. Never seen anywhere else in a public part, I said to myself. I didn't take any pictures, though. Thanks for sharing.
    Carnegie Deli is exactly as you describe! Their corned beef sand lasted me two meals and a snack.

  3. The only time I was in NY City was in 1964 when there was an Expo, and what fascinated me most were the fire flight stairs outside the houses, as in West Side Story. Well, apart from the noise and the Yellow Cabs and the heat and the skyscrapers and the many coloured people in the streets. I was only 16 then, so I had no comparison but thought this was the most extraordinary place on earth where people could live. In your pictures it just looks pleasant. I liked the sign Stop Talking, Listen to the Birds! Is that possible?

  4. So glad you had a good time Amanda, what sweet photos of your daughter, her boyfriend, and NY.

    I haven't been in the city since my teens too so i'm really looking forward to seeing it again. Even though this will be a short trip.

    September? if you do please let me know, how exciting! (i'll have Geli in my pocket for sure!)

  5. yoli -- i am always impressed by those who feel that powerful connection to new york. it is an amazing city and i look forward to getting to know it more in the coming years. i wish for you to be able to return some day soon xoxo


    dd - thanks - and agree with you about nyc being fab. never goes out of style --- just produces it, i guess...

    rosaria, damn! knew i should have visited that restroom. the building looked like an ancient mausoleum or something!

    two meals and a snack.....yes! the guy sitting next to us took his sandwich apart, asked for extra rye and made himself two more sandwiches on the spot! the words portion control do not exist here......xoxo

    geli - that west side story thing with the fire escapes is still very much a presence in the city. and i think i was looking for the positive when i was was my daughter's birthday and each night at different restaurants the waitresses brought out candles on cake and people at tables nearby sang happy birthday to her.......and my last day a guy in line in front of me for the boat tour turned around and gave me a coupon for a discount.

    and they say new york is a mean place......maybe i was looking to prove the opposite?


    lori - i'll be thinking of you on your ny trip and hoping all goes well as you settle your daughter in to her new digs.

    and yes......for sure if i come out to cal i will give you a head's up --- and if geli can't make it then we might have to plan a trip to germany?!


  6. Oh how I love New York... great photos and you restore some great memories of my own visits! Thank you. xo

  7. I adore that outdoor library! A friend of mine posted one in... can't remember, but I think it was in Germany. And I thought it was such a fantastic idea!

    And, dear friend, you have reduced me to tears--that corned beef sandwich! PLEASE tell me there were some lovely pickles too...

  8. i have only ever seen NY in february when it was icy cold! i would love to see it in summer. love the fact that eating indoors is more noteable than outdoors!
    great pics and i love the signs x

  9. Amanda and Lori and Val, in September our rental apartment will be free, and the sea is still warm enough to go swimming...

  10. Ah, NY....I have spent some of my happiest times ever there....have not been back since Christmas '08 and I miss it a lot. Love the Carnegie Deli... and yes, NY is a great place to eat, to walk, to be oudoors..(even in Winter)...

    I am glad you are falling under it's spell.... for the most part, people are really nice!

    Thee are some marvelous Greek time you go, let me know and I will send you the addresses.


    ♥ Robin ♥

  11. Thank you for sharing your time in New York. I really enjoyed it and especially as I have never been there.

    Thanks again

  12. Wonderful images of NYC – you are making me homesick. I grew up there. You are lucky to have such nice weather too.

    I was so pleased to find your inquiry on how to order my novel “as u like it.” You will have to wait a couple more years. My agent has submitted the manuscript to publishers. If/when it sells, I’ll announce the news on my blog.

  13. Last time in NYC was February and it was so wonderful even in the snow and chilly rain!

    Summertime in the city looks so gardeny - and yet cosmo too - love the buildings and textures.

    Shorts and flip flops rather than little black outfits - how new york - not London Belgravia for sure where the chador is de rigueur.

    I can smell the boathouse lake and humidity and taste those carnegie sour pickles with every bite of rye and corned beef. so yum.

    new yorkers are so nice - really.

  14. hi miss kim - thanks for visiting! i'm glad you liked my cybertour of the big apple and that it brought back fond memories for you.....xo

    japra - yeah that corned beef foto -- i took my husband's new camera and was surprised it made that sandwich look...almost good enough to eat!
    and yes --- pickles!! they put so many on the table we had to ask them to remove some!! sorry i didn't post a foto of them this time ;-(

    ... that's really cool there are outdoor libraries all over the world! guess not everyone is making the move to kindles!

    hey val, thanks!! glad you liked the pics and signs.....i was fascinated by the ones posted outside playgrounds, warning you of all sorts of things but didn't have enuf space to post them this time.

    and yeah - nyc is fun year round - but if you're an outdoor eating fanatic like i am then summer is paradise~


    ohhhh geli.......that sounds so very good to me right now.......lori and val could tell us tales of africa and i could help you make your special soup and cherry pie........ah lovely dream


    robin - you are so right - the city does cast a spell, even on a midwestern girl like me who has never felt the 'pull' of the city like others. it is a fantastic, unique place, unlike anywhere else.

    with so many happy memories for you i hope you will be able to return deserve that dear!! and yes! my next trip to visit my daughter i definitely want those greek restaurant names from you!!! thanks so much sweet robin!! xoxo

    robyn, so glad you enjoyed this virtual tour. there's of course a gritty side to the city, but i think i unconsciously tried to show its sweeter side. people everywhere can be lovely, even in cities with tough reputations like ny.

    thanks for stopping by today!! hugs xoxo

    sarah, yes, i was very fortunate to have such good weather - i carried my umbrella everyday but never popped it open once. so nyc is home for you!! lucky you......such a rich, gritty, polyglot, thrumming stew.

    and your book -- thanks for the clarification. yes! i will look forward to news of its publication! xo

    deb dear, yes shorts, sundresses and flip flops were omnipresent. i brought a pair of heels but was grateful i never had to wear them -- flats won out for pounding that pavement-yay!! women tread to work in flipflops and carry their workshoes in a bag. practical idea no?

    per your suggestion i stopped by grand central but will return to the oyster bar on a future trip -as well as SO many others things. this list grows longer and longer......

    hugs dear sister xoxo

  15. Wonderful pictures and story. Thanks so much for sharing.

    You obviously had way too much fun!

  16. Hello! What lovely pictures - I remember visiting NY and seeing those chess players. I agree Euripedes' Medea is not a light accompaniment to a sandwich! And I almost leapt for joy when I saw you mention Red Velvet cupcakes - they are my favourite! This of course meant it is fate I found your blog, so I am now a follower!

  17. Oh what a perfect looking weekend to have spent in NYC, your photos capture some of the best aspects of the place! My brother and sister have been telling me about the raised railroad track park, it is such a great use of public space! Have been meaning to try and visit them there this summer but a solo trip seems tricky at the moment. Ahhhh and a proper weekend breakfast! Something I miss in these parts but I think you may have inspired one hoe made version this weekend!
    - J
    p.s. Am flattered to be included on your blog roll!
    p.p.s. great sign spotting, especially that last one!

  18. r-bear, glad you liked it. i did have a blast and am really missing it now.....especially my daughter. until the next trip....

    hello jayne, so you saw those chess players too? must be a long-term game going on!! ;-)

    so glad to meet another red velvet cupcake aficionado! thanks so much for visiting (and following) and i will look forward to stopping by your blog soon!

    juniper, if you do get a chance to travel to nyc a trip to the highline is a highlight - there are food stalls along the route and intermittent views of the hudson through the buildings..tres relaxing way to pass a sunday afternoon..

    would love to know what a typical brunch on malta consists of!

  19. love love love! such a wonderful weekend. i miss you! come back soon, please! there's so much more to see/do together. and of course, more cupcakes :) xo

  20. geeee!!! it was the best visit and you are the best hosts!!! i am still dreaming about that red velvet cupcake.....maybe crumbs can open a branch in the midwest?!

    the list of things to do is so long --- am already planning for my next visit♡ love you sweetie pea xoxo

  21. Wonderful blog - and I enjoy your images of NY, as we are recently returned.

  22. hello wanderer's daughter - thanks for dropping by and glad you enjoyed the tour of nyc!


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