momma said there'd be days like this

these are two of my favorite sayings. they're posted just above my desk, where i can see them each day. the top one is obviously from a fortune cookie - one of the great purveyors of wisdom. the other was taken in the bar of the old shepheard's hotel in cairo,  before it burned down. it wasn't possible to get the banner above the bar all in one shot, hence the two overlapping photos. like the place, the saying is ephemeral. it reminds me to live in the now. to not let dumb stuff get to me. to remember what is important.
i believe they are great pieces of advice.

but that doesn't mean i always follow my own advice.

here's another purveyor of great wisdom - a post-it note - that lurks above me when i write.

i try. believe me, i try to do this. but sometimes you have the sneaking feeling that someone is looking over your shoulder.  telling you this paragraph sucks. or maybe the whole chapter.

you know what i'm talking about. that lapse of confidence manifesting as a sinking feeling in your gut -- a loss of power in the third chakra......

which is why i also have this pinned above me as i work. it's over to the side, where i can't see it easily. but it's there, just the same. when i get frustrated and feel like i'm not focusing on the right things, i look at this.

and remember what's important.

we all have these days. as a writer i work alone most of the time. it's sort of a double-edge sword - we need to be alone to work, but then we crave that connection with others, that feedback.....

which is why i'm enjoying this new world of blogging. writers need community.

so my wish for you my friends, is that you all realize ---- yes. there is no road.... have fun making it as you go along.

and may we meet along the way.


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