magic lilies

i love these flowers. i don't know what their official name is, but i call them magic lilies because they bloom only in early august, around my daughter's birthday......

which is today, august 5th.

 last month she moved to new york city to start her new job and new life.....

and today i'm off to visit her♡

i'm excited to see her new place, probably buy some plants for her apartment (not a dog or cat........yet!)
take her and her boyfriend for drinks at a newly-discovered rooftop bar........ a mom/daughter evening is planned at the central park boathouse (which i believe is a place to eat but do we go boating before dinner?!)

and have her show me around her new city.

i'm looking forward to having my daughter as a tour guide...... there's nothing like switching roles and watching your kids take the reins, right?!

oh i miss her.......something fierce.

but you raise them to become independent and it's their job to leave home.

..........yeah, i know that.

that's what i keep telling myself when i go into her room and borrow a shirt she left behind in her drawer and her baby photo catches my eye.


yeah. i know what my job is.

and now that my son is leaving for college next month, i'm trying my best to enjoy these special moments......

...and draw them out as long as possible.



  1. What a touching post, Amanda. And what beautiful flowers.

    I hope you and your big girl have an amazing time together in New York.

  2. Oh yeah! Enjoy those moments! Aren't these Easter lilies?

  3. Those lovely lilies look like Belladonna, also known as Naked Ladies.

    Hope you are having a wonderful tour of New York*!*

  4. I hope you are having lovely time with your baby girl! And oh... your boy leaves for Uni next month?!



  5. oh hughughug.

    i know exactly how you feel, everybit Amanda. oh dear i really can't say too much or i begin to cry.

    enjoy your baby (they never stop being that do they?)as i know you will.

    and did you say New York City? did i tell you my baby is leaving in a week for uni in NYC??!! i'll be there in 3 weeks to see her new place and the school too. you know this means if we plan it right one of these days maybe we can meet!

  6. rob - i am having a great time with my 'buggle' in ny!!! and yes - i adore those flowers......maybe more so because they only appear for a brief time.....thanks for your kind words♡

  7. rosaria - they do look like easter lilies, don't they? but i think they must be a distantly-related pink relative without that amazing fragrance~
    i am enjoying the weekend - she's at work and i'm catching up on email back at her place -- with the a/c cranked up really high!! xoxo

  8. annie ---oooh belladonna -- now isn't that a poisonous plant? if not sure sounds mysterious....but naked ladies sounds even better!! must look it up and will let you know.

    thanks and yes - the 'tour' is great - i walked today from the west side all the way to the un building - my feet are a bit sore!! tomorrow my daughter will take over the tourguide duties thank goodness.....

    sending hugs xoxo

  9. japra --yes - both kids heading out into the big world --i sniffle on occasion and but most times i'm a completely proud mama whose happy to see her kids doing what they want to do in the world (but for right now enjoying being with my daughter for sure!) give roxy a big hug because next stop for her may be nashville, right!! xoxo

  10. oh lori that is so exciting!!! you'll be in nyc in 3 weeks...too bad we just missed each other on this trip, but hopefully it won't be as hot for you as it is here right now ;-(

    big hugs to you dear as you head into this phase with your daughter. I'll be thinking of you and sending supportive wishes your way.....and just because you've done this 4 other times, doesn't mean this one isn't easy as she is your baby♡

    and yes, i do see us meeting up in the future, either in ny or sunny/foggy/fiery california!!! we may be heading out to cal in sept so maybe sooner than we think?! xoxo ♡

  11. Have a safe and fun loving time with your daughter and enjoy every minute with your son.... I know you will.

    Beautiful post... you've made me consider my son in years to come, but for now he's only six ;)

    take care and a warm hug for you..

  12. hi robyn! oh yes, i remember that age well, 6 is so magical!! enjoy your little one's company -- it's still many years before the next stage when they stop wanting to hold your hand...those years are so precious.

    thanks for your kinds words and for visiting!

    .....and warm hugs back to you♡ xoxo

  13. the flowers go by a lot of names, resurrection lillies, or naked ladies...etc. This is their special time of the year!

  14. oh oh oh - i know from my friends how hard this is. Thinking of you, and do enjoy all those special moments. be happy and congratulate yourself for successful parenting. i have been loving your blog - despite being unable to leave comments due to short internet time. hopefully can be more interactive now for a while... Vx

  15. tom -- thanks for that info -- resurrection lilies...fantastic name. would love to know how they happened to be called naked ladies, however!!

    val, i had a great weekend with my daughter and feel i did manage to grab every moment by the ears and make it last -- thanks for your good wishes and love your visits xo

  16. I am too late now I guess but I nod and remember... And oh, can you really meet Lori in September in Cal? I want to jump in your pocket and be with you both!!!

  17. geli - i am hoping to get out to cal to visit my dad as well as my brother and family but haven't yet planned the trip...... dreaming of how much fun it would be if the three of us could meet!! i want lori to show us where she finds all that gorgeous sea glass! ;-)

  18. The Magus... and NIkola Tesla!! Two things we share.

  19. paysages magnifiques!
    excellente couleur et le contraste, de nombreuses félicitations magnifique!
    Je laisse ici une invitation à visiter salutations, hug!

  20. hey nomad -- cool!

    p.s. i was in turkey recently - have long wanted to go and found it to be amazing place. expat life there must be quite the experience.....

  21. obrigado tiago for these nice comments -- and yes - i look forward to visiting your blog!


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