cairo time

my husband was out of town and my son was hanging out with friends so i had the evening to myself. here's what i like to do when i have a whole evening to myself.

eat this.

and this.

on a favorite plate purchased in cadaques, spain, to make it seem more formal.....

and of course a glass of this....

and take in a flick.

i sat down to watch this

my daughter, who lived in cairo two years ago, sent me a clip when the film was released with a warning ---- 'oh god, this looks reallllly bad'. as in sappy and predictable love story which makes cairo look clean and very exotic -- no shots of overflowing garbage bins, just patricia clarkson wandering around the pyramids in a ball gown. but of course i watched it anyway. i am a sucker for predictable love stories in exotic locales.

however, be warned: the action in the film moved along quite s.....l.......o.......w.......l.....y.   and watching patricia clarkson almost made me fall asleep her character was so lugubrious. but toss the reasonably sexy egyptian dude into the mix and it made for an escapist 1 hour 30 minutes.

hey, on my evenings alone, i don't require excellence in films. just entertainment.

calgon, take me away.......


  1. Ah, my kind of evening. WT spend a lot of time in Egypt in the early 90s. I have little Egyptian keepsakes scattered around WM. Haven't seen the film. Must at it to my list.

  2. Looks like a great evening, I'd watch that movie too (I always find myself clinging on to that type of movie) and I love your plate!
    I'd love to have a night like that so I'll have to work on it. :)

  3. Now, thyis looks pretty yummy, though I'm not fond of oysters.

  4. Wow, canned smoked oysters -- love'em with a splash of Louisiana hot sauce and like your choice of wine, too. I eat a lot of oysters (fresh) but have not had any of these since I was a kid.

    Sounds like a fun evening, Amanda!

  5. I remember being in Cairo 20 years ago. Taking the water taxi from downtown to the Coptic part of the city, and having young women watching my wife (with her red hair). And a group of us on an island, where we inadvertently crashed a wedding party, but, as Canadians, were warmly welcomed by everyone there.

  6. Panda-Smoked Oysters on Carr's Table Water crackers-preferably with garlic and herb-are what I eat for New Year's Day! Along with your Silver Bell Cookies from Mom's recipe. Don't forget to rent "The Ghostwriter"-an independent film that came out earlier this summer-really good cast!

  7. willow - it's in theaters now but for some reason i was able to get it via cable on demand......

    cheryl - i'm a sucker for these kinds of movies! i hope you find an evening soon where you can treat yourself!

    rosaria - i'm not sure how i became so fond of smoked oysters but i think i might have a zinc deficiency or something!

    genie - fresh oysters are the best any day....but your idea of adding hot sauce to the smoked version sounds damn good!!

    rob-bear - seems like red hair is an eye magnet the world over --- so unusual and attractive!
    an egyptian wedding is featured in this movie, so if you have a look maybe it will bring back memories~

    well famous - must be our dna at work there with the smoked oyster addiction! i just saw an ad about the ghostwriter today, so will go now to put it on my netflix queue.......xoxo

  8. ooh thanks for the movie tip - will look for it; i love movies that are beautifully filmed in exotic or wild places; tinned oysters and crackers are always a treat when we are travelling or in the bush. My type of home alone evening xx

  9. The Ghostwriter (you mean the latest Polanski film?)was partly taken on our island Usedom, pretending it was Martha`s Vineyard. I wrote a blog post on it, must find the title.
    Hey, that sounds like an enjoyable evening. Patricia C. looks like a good friend of mine, funny. I would have loved to sit beside you and goggle along!

  10. the art of passing a good moment! and a beautiful setting scene!
    Bye !

  11. Oh! I adore smoked oysters but haven't had them in years! I think your evening home alone sounds lovely. Thanks for the heads up on the film. Sometimes a girl needs a bit of sappy romance in a cleaned up version of far, far away :-)

  12. I did indeed take a look. I thought I saw the place were the wedding was held, or something like it. That's why I mentioned it.

  13. Hmmm, not my sort of movie really (wot no car chases and explosions?!) but I love having evenings on my own with a favourite food, film and fine wine.

  14. I haven't watched a chick flick for ages. I would watch just about anything at this point even if the movie unfolds really slowly.

  15. A perfect solo evening in, even the film looks appealing (I know that main guy actor from somewhere) my husband would never go for it so yes, a night alone (when Liverpool is playing) and I may be following suit! Even your choice of nibbles and wine is perfect.
    Egypt, a place I have always wanted to visit but never been to.

  16. Cairo time and smoked oysters didn't jive at first but an evening alone makes sense!

    when stocking our bomb shelter at galpin lake house, dad said what canned food do you choose? I chose smoked oysters. I was going to wait out the fall out eating smoked oysters - a yummy toxic mix!

  17. I loved catching a glimpse of your special time alone. The film looks gorgeous and romantic. Thanks for telling me about it.

  18. hey val-- haha canned oysters would work well in the bush eh?! yeah- if you do see this let me know what you think! hugs xoxo

    geli - i don't know if this is a polanski film but i will check. if so, how cool is that - filmed where you live!! now i must see for plenty of good reasons!
    yes, it would be such a treat to watch this together - i would make an extra large batch of popcorn and m&ms to share♡♡

    mahon - you've got it right - the art of passing a good moment - i will remember that! xo

    japra - i couldn't agree more. i'm so happy to know i'm not the only one who craves this kind of guilty pleasure! xoxo

    rob-bear - in the storyline the wedding takes place in alexandria, but it's very likely they actually filmed the scene in cairo, so maybe it is the same place you saw --

  19. dd - maybe a car chase or an explosion or two would have kept me more awake ;-)

    loree - check it out and let me know what you think!! also curious how long before it is released abroad - do you get films in malta pretty soon after the u.s.? xoa

    juniper - what a coincidence that you and loree commented next to one another - do you know of each others' expat maltese blogs?? -- and the main actor - alexander siddiq - he has had roles in other films but not leading i don't think -- but he's pretty good in this - hope you get a chance for an evening alone soon! xoa

    sister - what a memory - i forgot about our bomb shelter --- yes, waiting out a nuclear winter eating smoked oysters would probably get old pretty fast!! xoxo

    sarah - thanks for visiting and welcome back - hope your vacation was wonderfully relaxing!

  20. Snacks, wine, movie, quiet. BLISS! Glad you enjoyed the evening, even if the movie almost put you to sleep. I've never even heard of that one!

  21. Oh that looks like a joy of an evening! I think mine would be very similar... it has been so long since I have had an evening like that I can't remember! Now that is just sad. But something to look forward to in the future! And I love the plate as well. :)

  22. julie - bliss indeed - the movie was just released in theaters, but for some reason i was able to get it at home via on demand -- still trying to figure out how that works! xo

    jayne - then you are due for some fun then -- i hope you will be able to enjoy an evening like this soon!! xoxo

  23. I missed this post (think i was flying home!)
    I love this kind of night, but i would swap the oysters for sardines, and the white for red and the movie for a book, haha! still, it's the same idea, a bit of indulgence just for ourselves. And oh, i would probably take a bath too!


  24. lori - i love your idea about sardines and red wine -- maybe i'll switch it out and try that next time!!

    but baths.....oh yeah. once the thermometer drops here i've got the tub filled almost every night with badedas!!



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