cairo time

my husband was out of town and my son was hanging out with friends so i had the evening to myself. here's what i like to do when i have a whole evening to myself.

eat this.

and this.

on a favorite plate purchased in cadaques, spain, to make it seem more formal.....

and of course a glass of this....

and take in a flick.

i sat down to watch this

my daughter, who lived in cairo two years ago, sent me a clip when the film was released with a warning ---- 'oh god, this looks reallllly bad'. as in sappy and predictable love story which makes cairo look clean and very exotic -- no shots of overflowing garbage bins, just patricia clarkson wandering around the pyramids in a ball gown. but of course i watched it anyway. i am a sucker for predictable love stories in exotic locales.

however, be warned: the action in the film moved along quite s.....l.......o.......w.......l.....y.   and watching patricia clarkson almost made me fall asleep her character was so lugubrious. but toss the reasonably sexy egyptian dude into the mix and it made for an escapist 1 hour 30 minutes.

hey, on my evenings alone, i don't require excellence in films. just entertainment.

calgon, take me away.......

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