westward bound

i'm currently heading out west for the wedding celebration of a niece.......my sister's family lives in montana so we drove 1300 miles over 2 days to get here, passing such notable sights as the corn palace in mitchell, south dakota, birthplace of my late mother in law. 

years ago when she traveled to venice and saw st. mark's for the first time, she had remarked that it "looked just like the corn palace!" 

and with the exception of millions of corncobs, cheezy, inexplicable murals of people on segues and flying motorcycles, i have to say that it does............just the tiniest bit.

god bless her.

then we crossed the wide missouri -- never knew what a beautiful river this is~
next stop: mount rushmore....where watching people taking photos of the monument was almost as interesting as seeing the monument itself
or catching it in a reflected image....
then it was up over beartooth pass, supposedly one of the top 10 scenic drives in the united states....

where there is such a thing as a cold day in july........

sun, mountains and snow all together is a nice birthday present --- mine is tomorrow and a little bird told me that there may be an extra cake amidst the wedding celebration☺

being with family is a wonderful thing.    feeling very grateful......



  1. You do put some miles on that car of yours. Happy B!

  2. which little bird leaked about the birthday cake? Happy BIRFDAY to you - let's see... how old r u ? ... ageless....adelphi mou

  3. WoW! Happy Birthday Amanda! I'm sure your having a wonderful time, it's so lucky to be with family on your day! and your road trip, i am SO envious. How fantastic your photos are, really gorgeous. Enjoy every minute beautiful girl!

    xoxo lori

  4. My dear I hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday. You are so beautiful! You are in Montana, I have always wanted to go there and hopefully that dream will come true sometime in the near future.

  5. rosaria,

    thanks so much!! we are putting miles on our car, but glad it's a rental, as we''ll have driven 2600 miles by the time we're home!



    deb - i guessed about the cake, since you said it would be a wedding/birfday celebration! you put on a great party, sister - totally memorable!! so glad we drove out your way, and mille grazie for including my bday in the overall celebration!! love you xoxo


    lori, you are so sweet - thanks for your lovely wishes and kindest of comments - they mean so much to me!! i feel lucky to be with family over the weekend and this road trip has been a lot of fun -- reminds me of similar car trips i took as a child...except now i'm in the driver seat!



    hey yoli!! thanks so much for your birthday wishes and sweet comments♡ -- it was a memorable day, especially because i was with some family members i hadn't seen in a long time, which made it extra special~

    i hope your wish comes true and that you make it to montana some day soon!!


  6. Belated birthday greetings Amanda, looks like you had one to remember*!*


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