"this is important......this means something"

i've always wanted to see this place:

devil's tower, a natural monument located in northeastern wyoming..... especially after the movie close encounters of the third kind came out, when richard dreyfus' character, creating a mud sculpture likeness of this in his living room, says breathlessly when trying to explain it to his wife:

"This is important.....this means something."

apparently the movie is shown nightly at the campground located at the base of the monument -- didn't stay for that - we had to keep driving.

so have returned home now after our car trip out west. we drove over 3000 miles (3080 to be exact).

my niece's wedding celebration was a big success....

bride and groom at first night dinner with organic chicken and buffalo lasagna on the menu

then my sister and brother in law put on a wonderful feast at their beautiful place --- grilled leg of lamb, brats, lemon potatoes, parmesan shortbread biscuits were served

tents were pitched outside just in case.....the ultimate room with a view

the lawn, where many spirited games of bocce ball were played

or impromptu jigs were danced, by the bride and her nephew

we took a pre dinner walk towards the mountains to work up an appetite

and spent many an hour gazing out from the kitchen

as we left a herd of horses thundered along the bench and ran alongside our car

a prairie dog got up close and personal 

on long road trips multiple cupholders are crucial -- for coffee, water.......or a wild rose, which slowly wilted in the car, days after my husband gave it to me for my birthday

after driving across miles of interstate, two lane blacktop and gravel road, the car got a beating

this trip is now a wonderful memory, like everything in life: retreating into the past

many thanks to our wonderful hosts for putting on such a memorable celebration and for sharing your spectacular corner of the world with us♡♡


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