"this is important......this means something"

i've always wanted to see this place:

devil's tower, a natural monument located in northeastern wyoming..... especially after the movie close encounters of the third kind came out, when richard dreyfus' character, creating a mud sculpture likeness of this in his living room, says breathlessly when trying to explain it to his wife:

"This is important.....this means something."

apparently the movie is shown nightly at the campground located at the base of the monument -- didn't stay for that - we had to keep driving.

so have returned home now after our car trip out west. we drove over 3000 miles (3080 to be exact).

my niece's wedding celebration was a big success....

bride and groom at first night dinner with organic chicken and buffalo lasagna on the menu

then my sister and brother in law put on a wonderful feast at their beautiful place --- grilled leg of lamb, brats, lemon potatoes, parmesan shortbread biscuits were served

tents were pitched outside just in case.....the ultimate room with a view

the lawn, where many spirited games of bocce ball were played

or impromptu jigs were danced, by the bride and her nephew

we took a pre dinner walk towards the mountains to work up an appetite

and spent many an hour gazing out from the kitchen

as we left a herd of horses thundered along the bench and ran alongside our car

a prairie dog got up close and personal 

on long road trips multiple cupholders are crucial -- for coffee, water.......or a wild rose, which slowly wilted in the car, days after my husband gave it to me for my birthday

after driving across miles of interstate, two lane blacktop and gravel road, the car got a beating

this trip is now a wonderful memory, like everything in life: retreating into the past

many thanks to our wonderful hosts for putting on such a memorable celebration and for sharing your spectacular corner of the world with us♡♡



  1. What a spectacular setting for a new beginning. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Glad you made it back "safe & sound" as Mom would say.

    It was a Herculean effort to drive those big sky miles but now you can say you've seen Devil's Tower up close and personal. It IS impressive.

    Hugs for showing up and supporting the new couple and their weary parents.

  3. That's a lot of miles, bet it felt good to walk towards those mountains*!*

  4. ... forgot the prairie dog, cute*!*

  5. How fantastic, i really loved taking this road trip with you Amanda.

    The devils tower is another of our incredible monuments! it's been many years since i've been. Glas you got to see it!

    Oh my gosh it is gorgeous there, were you in Montana? sorry i couldn't remember. The photo of you? walking towards the mountains is just beautiful. Oh what i wouldn't give to live on land like that.(well, everything but the ocean, which i why we can't live there).
    So glad you made it home safe. Maybe press the rose petals? what a sweet husband you have.

    xoxo lori

    p.s. Congratulations to the sweet bride and groom! Cheers!

  6. Panda-Good to know you and the gang are back home-safe and sound as Mom-did indeed say! A shout out to our sister and brother-in law for all their hard work in making this wedding celebration of our niece such a lovely and memorable event. And we can't forget a shout out to Trish and Larry-our lodging hosts while in Big Sky Country. I can't imagine starting the day any better than with Larry's pancakes, waffles and french toast al fresco for all their lodging guests. A great time was had by all.

  7. rosaria, I agree.....this is a lovely place for a new start. my niece actually got married in january, but we were lucky they decided to share their celebration with us in july and not the snowy months!!


    deb dear, i bet you are tired. MANY thanks for yours and steve's herculean effort to host this extravaganza! we were honored to share in the newlywed's celebration and have a family reunion at the same time. sending lots of love and kisses xoxo


    annie, anytime i'm near mountains i'm happy, as we have none where i live, in the midwest. and yes - the prairie dogs were really cute....altho the signs warned us to not get too close as they bite!


    lori, ever since i saw close encounters i've wanted to see the devil's tower and it was even more fantastic in person than i thought it would be....even our teenaged son was impressed!

    i think you have the perfect environment in california ---- both the ocean and mountains, not too far away, right?

    great idea about pressing the rose petals! (yikes...i think they already may have found their way into the trash after cleaning out the car :-(

    thanks so much for the well wishes for the bride and groom - will pass them along♡


    famous - i almost posted a foto of larry flipping the breakfast flapjacks but it didn't make it into the mix this time....but that blueberry french toast was amazing....made even better being eaten outdoors in the brisk montana air.

    love you little sis and thanks for stopping by♡♡

  8. Lovely pictures! I look forward to exploring your blog more. Thank you for visiting my blog. (I hope you don't mind but I added you to my "virtual friends" list of blogs...)

    Come visit Corfu on your next trip to Greece! Not so much archaeology but we have a few interesting Ley lines... http://www.ancient-wisdom.co.uk/stmichael.htm

  9. welcome truestarr!! thanks for visiting, commenting and following! and I'm honored you have added me to your blogroll♡

    i would love to visit corfu - and never knew about the ley lines there......am very intrigued and will visit the link you provided.

    so nice to 'meet' you - i look forward to future visits at prospero's cellphone!!


  10. Sorry I am late as you have already moved on - but I want to say everything that the others said! Such breathtaking sights! The horses would have made my heart pound most! Lovely, lovely, all of it - the food, the company, the good spirit, and those VIEWS! I feel that I was there! Thanks a lot!

  11. geli dear, many thanks - i'm so glad you felt like you were there! i think my sister is so lucky to live in such a physically beautiful place...have made a pledge not to wait another 9 years to visit her!

  12. Stunning! I am moved to tears by this wonderful post. What a beginning!!

    (the photos are bellissime!!)

  13. eleonora -- even though i live here in the states, driving out west to the mountains is almost like traveling to a foreign country it is such a different landscape. thank you for your kind words ♡ xoxo

  14. What beautiful photos! It does look like you had a wonderful time. But may I just say... You saw a prairie dog!!!! Cool :-)


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