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cool - my first blog award! many thanks to val and her wonderful blog monkeys on the roof for this lovely honor and congrats to her for receiving it from nicky at absolute vanilla! congrats also fellow and well-deserving awardees pam, reya, geli and lori♡♡♡♡

here's how the award works:

This special Glitter Award is for bloggers who post in the spirit of the enchanted mists. So if your blog includes:

fantasy & science fiction (books, films, games),
fabulous artwork,
spiritual stuff,
myths and legends,
enchanted creatures,
anything else mysterious, beautiful or otherworldly,
you might see one come your way!

As with all awards, there are rules and the rules of this award are...

1. Pass this award on to a maximum of five other blogs you think would make the horn glitter. If you only want to pass it on once, that's fine - but the magic dies if you keep it under your bed for too long! And don't forget to leave a comment on your chosen blog(s) to let them know about it.

2. Add the award to the sidebar of your blog with a link back to this blog/post.

3. Tell us your favourite:
Poem or song
Myth or legend
Enchanted creature

so to keep the magic alive i would like to pass this award to:

eleonora at aglio, olio and peperoncino for her mouthwatering recipes and enticing insider's view of bella italia

yoli at musings for her thought-provoking photographs and always memorable quotes

robin at the violet hour for embracing the mysteries

annie at bimbimbie for her amazing photographs and diary of birds and wildlife of australia

rosaria at sixtyfivewhatnow and when i was your age - a memoir for her powerful tales about growing up in italy and her subsequent life in the states

and in answer to the award's questions...........

my favorite book? the magus, by john fowles

favorite film: too many to count!!  the english patient, little drummer girl, amarcord, shirley valentine, the year of living dangerously.....

favorite poem: ithaka, by constantine cavafy

favorite myth: persephone in the underworld -- of course!!

enchanted creature: i'm waiting someday to have a conversation with a dolphin - there's got to be one out there who will talk.....☺

thanks again val!!♡♡



  1. Oh Congratulations Amanda! a very well deserved shiny award!

    I believe dolphins do talk, when we listen. Enjoy your first award, only the beginning of many to come.

    I LOVE the look of your blog, the header photo is so beautiful, you are beautiful.

    xoxo lori

    p.s. forgot to say great post on the tomato villa! yummy photos!

  2. Congrats on your glittering award!

    I go away for a couple of weeks and when I come back I discover you've changed your blog. It looks good although I liked the last one. Now I've got to catch up on some of your posts.

  3. hello amanda, how great to get this award and how great to share it.

    i'm now obliged to look up the poem 'ithaka', which will be a fun way to learn something about you.

    enjoy this glitter award. they are little 'i love you's and what could be better than that?


  4. Thank you so much for this award...I am not too much into awards....but, this one is special......a fellow John Fowles lover.....I can scarcely believe it. This man, one of my few heroes...wrote so many fabulous books....and "The Magus' was the one that opened the door to his world.....

    I am so thrilled we have met! I hope our friendship will flourish!

    Thank you again for the award....and for being YOU!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Grazie and Congratulations, Amanda!! For your award and for thinking of me! How sweet of you.

    The new look of the blog is sensational, and your choices are wonderful. Like KJ I will immediately go look up "Ithaka," mostly because I've been to the epic Homeric island.

    I hope you will not be upset if I won't post your award and not be a part of the meme. I truly appreciate it when blog pals include me in their thoughts, but I feel like keeping their love all to myself! I keep them in a specil folder on my desktop, but not in my sidebar.

    Thank you so so much again and please don't be upset, OK?
    Ciao bella

  6. Congratulations, Amanda! You are in great company! I know many of the blogmates who mention and it's always a pleasure visiting with them. Thanks for your generous spirit.

  7. I just hopped over from lakeviewer's "sixtyfivewhatnow" and "unearthed" a treasure.

    First, congratulations on the award.

    But that's not the treasure to which I'm referring.

    It's the wide variety of material you present, and present so well. Plus the familiar faces you attract.

    Expect a returning Bear.

    ειρηνη και χαρα

  8. lori - thanks so much and congrats to you dear, since you were also an awardee - and a very well-deserving one at that!! thanks too for the nice comments on the new blog look - the greek temple backdrop is what inspired me to try it on for size! xoxo

    dd - welcome back from your holiday!

    i liked the old blog foto as well but after fooling around with blogger's new templates i went for a new look - and as they say change is good!

    good to see you out and about in blogland again xo

    kj - wow - you've inspired me to do a future post about the poem ithaka by cavafy! thanks for that my friend!

    and i love your description of the glitter awards - they are little 'i love you's' - folks spreading kindness in the world♡

    robin, you are welcome! and not knowing much about blog awards myself, i love kj's description of them as little 'i love you's' ~

    i'm so excited to find another john fowles lover out there -- a few years back i purchased a video of him returning to the island that inspired him to write the book - it was fabulous and added another layer to my experience of the novel~

    i'm so glad we've met too - and i've no doubt our friendship will flourish ♡ xoxo

    eleonora, no worries my friend! the award is yours to enjoy in any way you wish♡

    so you have been to ithaki?? i would love to hear more about your trip sometime....perhaps our paths crossed there and we never knew it!!

    thank you bella for your sweet comments about my new blog 'look'! xoxo

    rosaria, i agree that i am in great company - i've been lucky to have gotten to know all these blogmates and am honored to be included among them♡


    what a generous comment! thank you for visiting and i have rosaria's amazing blog to thank for that~i look forward to a returning bear!

    peace and joy to you too♡

  9. Hi Amanda, I like your new look.

    Thank you for thinking of me, I have a bit of a love/hate thing for awards and memes simply because they put me in a spin having to decide where next to pass them ... I tend not to follow the rules that come with them too ;)
    but I promise not to keep it under my bed and lose the glitter and will post in the next day or two. Smiles and thanks again*!*

  10. Hey, Panda-Congratulations on your new Blog look and your Blogger award. Well desrved. Glad to hear Tomato Villa is thriving, along with the Eggplant and the Basil-which I can now identify- next time you ask me to pick some from the garden! Also glad to see a photo of the Airedale doing well. Give her a pat for me.

  11. annie - you shouldn't feel obligated to do a thing and i completely understand - as kj said so well, these blog awards are simply little 'i love you's' being spread around♡

    famous one, thanks so much and glad you like the new look!

    yes, next time you are here mia can help you harvest whatever's in the garden! love you sister xoxo ♡


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