a week in heaven

just spent a week with the family at our favorite beach. can't get much better than a full moon over the ocean.

so, did lots of this

in a wardrobe of a bathing suit and this

reading this

and toasting the evenings with this

lots of good talks

and good companions

love that play of light and shadow

and that old haunted spanish moss

my perch with lots of room

for a view



  1. I want a beach holiday. NOW!

  2. Looks cool and warm, and wet, and delightful. Enjoy!

  3. Summer is here! so glad your enjoying it. there really is nothing better, the beach, family, friends all on holiday!


  4. What a lovely post, Amanda! I especially like your picture of you reading at the beach. That is one of my favorite pastimes, too! And aren`t those seagulls great? I am so glad we live at the beach here, too! Especially now, as summer is finally here and we can go swimming! Cheers to you from Northern Germany, Angela

  5. a much earned decompression where few words and sights for sore eyes speak volumes.

    hugs and kudos for knowing when to hold and when to fold. see you soon.

  6. dd - i hope you can soon!! does everyone abandon paris in august as i've heard?

    .......where's your favorite french beach? on the channel, the atlantic, or the med??


    rosaria, thanks! i love that area of the eastern shore - it has wonderful big tides. one of these days i hope to spy a mamma loggerhead laying eggs, as they do on these beaches ---


    lori - since you live near the pacific, do you go the beach to swim?? it seems that your tides are a bit rougher and it's maybe colder than the atlantic -- but such a beautiful site to look at on one of your glorious hikes!!



    geli - i agree - reading on the beach is the best - i actually save books to crack open only for this occasion!

    so now i wonder ---- where is your favorite beach in northern germany??? please share...... xo


    sister -

    oceans and mountains are two of my favorite things, and i feel very lucky to be seeing both this summer!!

    so looking forward to our gathering♡♡

  7. Ahhh...nothing like the life at the BEACH!!!!
    Thanks for stopping by
    Nature Trail!! I am considering a permanent life at the beach!!

  8. hi there naturegirl - thanks for visiting my blog!

    i couldn't agree with you more about a permanent beach life -- wouldn't that be wonderful - just reading all day, long walks, sea shell hunts.....

    looking forward to making a return visit to nature trail!

  9. It's so wonderful to "meet" you! Joseph Campbell - yes!! Oh and those sweet birds. In California we called them plovers. What do you call them?

    Looking forward to exploring your blog and getting to know you, such as we do here. Happy vacation! Shalom.

  10. hey reya - thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

    that joseph campbell book....must have re-read it 10 times i love it so much. and it's perfect for the beach - open it up anywhere and it's always a great read.

    the birds...i asked my husband the bird 'expert' and he thinks they are just regular old seagulls. the beach is in s. carolina, and the birds change throughout the year as they migrate. will have to check on that one!

    it's wonderful to 'meet' you too ☺

    and i look forward to exploring your blog and getting to know you as well!

  11. Full moon over the sea and a comfortable perch on the beach, sounds perfect*!*

  12. i agree annie - a full moon over the sea comes very close to perfection♡


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