scientology easter egg hunt

So I was out for my regular Sunday run and passed the scientology church just up from my house. There, on the lawn in front was a group of kids running around with little baskets in their hands. At first I didn't connect with the fact that it was Easter Sunday - fallen Catholic and all that - but then I realized - my God, these kids are hunting for Easter eggs!!! Imagine that - even scientologists hunt for Easter eggs!

I stopped at a distance to watch. After all, this was weird. The only times I've seen people outside the church was when a group of protestors stood across the street dressed in black hoods and wearing masks from the movie Scream. The property sits high up on a lot without much lawn, but the kids swarmed whatever there was of it, crawling over a fire escape and peering down basement window wells.

A couple kids ran around the back of the building eagerly looking behind a concrete wall. I stood there for a long time, waiting to see if they found anything. Within a minute a woman came running after them calling "Erin! Josh! Come on, we're all heading back in!!" And the kids, sad faced and empty basketed, turned around and walked dutifully back towards the front door.

I never saw any eggs, and wondered what else could they possibly be searching for? Copies of L. Ron Hubbard's pedagogy? Signed photos of Tom Cruise and John Travolta? I guess I'll never know. Once the adults rounded up the children they herded them in the front door and quickly closed it behind them.

Poor kids - there was a lot of looking and not much finding. Anyway, you learn something new every day. Even scientologists hunt for Easter eggs.

Note: No Scientologists were harmed in the making of this post. If you are a Scientologist, I am just kidding. 

Image courtesy of myspace.


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