dorothy's slippers still not home

Dorothy Ruby Red Slippers Magnet

Yes, that was the title of an article in today's paper. Makes me wonder if our local newspaper is losing it, but I read it nonetheless. It said, and I quote:

In as much time as it takes Dorothy to click her heels three time, the ruby slippers Judy Garland wore in 1939's The Wizard of Oz were stolen almost five years ago from a museum in Grand Rapids, Minn.

Yes, a slow news day, but the article is riveting. It goes on to say:

Last month police thought they had made a break in the case. Sheriff's police raided a home in suburban (mind you suburban - not downtown) Homer Glen, Illinois, where a tipster said he had seen the iconic shoes in a glass case under a television, court records show. 

That's where I'd hide them. In a glass case. Under a television.

But Gene Bennett had the last word. The lead investigator on the case, now retired, admitted that the case has been very frustrating.

"I do believe it was the local people," Bennett said. "When they stole them they didn't realize what they had." (Really? Brilliant police work there.)

And then the topper:

"There were rumors they threw them in the river. People still talk about it."

If Judy Garland were still alive, I bet she'd have a big yuk at the hijinks of her old shoes. Indeed, Dorothy's slippers are still not home and their whereabouts are unknown. They may be in a glass box under a TV set in suburban Homer Glen, Illinois --------- or maybe they are living in a van. Down by the river.

Image courtesy of FIDM museum shop

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