Postcards from the Underworld: Encountering Saint Francis

Wandering through the Meditation Gardens at the Self-Realization Fellowship Temple in Encinitas, I wanted to take a shot of a plaque of Saint Francis, which was mounted on an old tree. As I pointed my camera (ok, my iPhone,) I was suddenly aware of a guard barking at me from down the path that it was closing time. He then began herding us out of the gardens, and because I had been hurried, I wasn't sure if the shot would come out clearly. Later on, when I had a chance to look at the photo, I was delighted to see beams of heavenly rays and a bluish slash of light magically superimposed on the image. 

Sometimes the shots we think aren't going to turn out at all, turn out to be some of the best :))


  1. I love this photo. There's a supernatural vibe to it.

    1. Thanks Loree - I too feel there is something mystical and supernatural about the light effect :))

  2. I like the flower offering too. The Prayer of St. Francis (make me a channel of your peace) is a good memory from my many years in the Catholic Church. They don't sing the good old songs anymore. And they've gone back to speaking Latin. One of the many reasons I'm reformed.

  3. He was bathed in love. Sounds like a fun trip.

  4. The light on the picture makes it even more interesting!

  5. I like the celestial energy that this photo picked up, without you even attempting to capture it.


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