Goddesses in the Dust: Getting Ready for a Wedding

An archaeologist unearths the divine feminine, one archetype at a time...

My daughter is getting married in a few days, and for a few hours this weekend my best friends gathered to put together a favor for each guest

Start with tiny mason jars 

Put your husband to work cleaning them out

Buy a ton of light and dark purple M&Ms (purple and silver grey are my daughter's colors for the wedding)

Fill each jar in a parfait of light to dark purple candies

Apply a tiny sticker with the couple's names (yes, some ended up being crooked - I'm no perfectionist!)

Tie each one with purple ribbon

And enjoy, enjoy, enjoy being with friends.....it's amazing what a group of women (and one man!) can accomplish in five hours! Many hands make light work and lots more fun...

Voila - the final product, made by hand with lots of love!!

Only 5 days to go and lots left to do.........

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