Goddesses in the Dust: Athena and her Rock

An archaeologist unearths the divine feminine, one archetype at a time...

See that behind me? That's Athena's rock.

Legend has it that, while flying over the city, the goddess Athena accidentally dropped a huge boulder she was carrying to construct the acropolis. The rock became the other notable 'hill' in Athens, known as Lycabettus, or "hill of the wolves." 

There are no wolves there today, just views of the city that span miles. 

On top is a church, dedicated to St. George. 

You can take a funicular, or walk up the winding path and many steps.

Over the years I've taken in the view with both my daughter

and son

If you ever visit Athens, it's worth a trip to the top of the rock. Hands down, it's the best place to watch the sunset and moonrise over this modern city with ancient roots.


  1. Oh, Amanda, thank you for the trip to Athens. I've always wanted to go and to Santorini, where I've heard it is so beautiful. Maybe someday. Right now, I'd like to go there then to Istanbul, another place I've always wanted to go to.

    1. I can't put Athens in the same category as Santorini, which is mind boggleingly (is that a word?) beautiful. Istanbul as well. But in spite of the nefos, the traffic and the crowds, Athens is a must see for the Parthenon and other ancient marbles as well as the museums.

  2. I love all cities with ancient roots. I've lately developed this urge to visit Jerusalem. One day ...

    1. Yet another fabulous city. Being already in the Med, you could probably get a good airfare to Israel, yes?

  3. Replies
    1. The best time to visit is during the full moon. Wait for the sun to set, have a glass of ouzo, then watch for the moon to rise behind Mount Imitos.

  4. i can`t imagine such a place. incredible. but i don`t know if i could manage. there are so many people that i find it hard to breathe just considering it. i think i`ve been in the woods for a very long time.


    1. Erin, even if you haven't been in the woods, Athens is a hard city to manage. I love it for my own reasons, but for the uninitiated, all that concrete, noise and pollution is a tough sell. But there is beauty there, and I love to ferret it out.

  5. It is beautiful! I would love to take in the views from the top someday :)
    P.S. Your son looks just like you!


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