Goddesses in the Dust: All Hallow's Eve Eve Eve

Unearthing the divine feminine, one archetype at a time...

Yes, that's me. A blurry little devil, waiting for my favorite holiday to begin. 

Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved Halloween. Long before I learned about Persephone being queen of the underworld, I've had a fasciation for the spooky, the eerie, the unexplained. Now, as an adult, this fascination has not wavered. Even though I don't head out to trick or treat anymore, I see this time of year as what it is: what the Celts call Samhain, a crack between worlds. Being raised Catholic, I was always fascinated that All Saints Day and All Souls Day were celebrated at this time of year. 
All Souls Day, William-Adolphe Bouguereau
As a child I wondered how there could be a connection between the holy days of the church and the most exciting holiday of any child's calendar. As an adult, I continue to savor these connections, seeing how far back I can go, how deep I can dig, to unearth the chthonic roots of our religious holy days. 

Call it All Saint's Day, All Soul's Day, All Hallow's Eve or Halloween, this season signifies the end of summer and official start of fall in the Celtic calendar. It is thought to be the time of year when the veil between our world and the afterworld (or Underworld) becomes thinnest and is most easily penetrated. So even though it's fun to feast on your favorite candy, take a moment to carve out a pumpkin (or any gourd), light a candle, and place it inside. Close your eyes, listen to the wind in the trees and feel the earth turn on its axis. This is a sacred time of the year, to connect to the feminine earth, to connect to your deepest self. 

Make a wish and expect it to come true.

Take it from me, a blurry little devil. 


  1. A cute, blurry little devil. It's fascinating how ancient traditions survive for thousands of years, isn't it?

  2. We celebrate All Saints on 1st and All Souls on 2nd, the first is also a public holiday
    The atmosphere is rather serious and religious and the celebrations are limited to going to cementaries

  3. I got chill bumps at the end of this post, Sis! And, how strange, I felt the impulse to blow out the candle in the last image. I am going to expect. Thank you so much for sharing that first picture (and everything that followed it.) Quite perfect.

  4. ooohhhh...I also loved it as a kid but for different reasons. Getting to dress up fancy was the best, without having mom dictate what I wear, wow - it was power. I guess I felt the power of the season even then, without knowing it.
    now I live in the country, where Halloween is practically a holiday. Best holiday of the year!

    happy trick or treating.

  5. "when the veil between our world and the afterworld (or Underworld) becomes thinnest and is most easily penetrated."

    oooh amanda, i believe this and i like it. i feel like i can feel that thinness in the evening air.

    but why do you no longer costume up? you should see the streets of provincetown on halloween. perfectly grown grownups dressed and dolled however they fancy. me too, sometimes :^)


    1. i think grownups and kids alike should celebrate halloween and, you're right - wearing costumes is half the fun :))

  6. Adorable! I knew I could count on you for the feminist/spiritual take on Halloween.

  7. Gorgeous post..Blessings..wishing you a beautiful magical season..

  8. Love your post Amanda. I think the mystery of it all is why I like Halloween.

  9. Of course, bring *Twins*, we feel the same about this! I grew up with Birthday Costumed Parties (I'm right before Halloween!) I still love to dress up...but not as often these days... The contrast between All Hallow*s Eve and All Soul*s Day has always attracted me...perhaps it's the Glowing Carved Pumpkins, the Candles in Church...it IS a Magical Time - no matter what one believes or celebrates...


    ♥ Robin ♥

    p.s. You were an adorable *Devil* A-ha-ha!


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