Goddesses of Midsummer

An archaeologist unearths the divine feminine, one archetype at a time...
View of the sea, Ithaka, Greece
Some of the lesser known goddesses of summer are Aine, a Celtic goddess associated with a hill in Limerick, Ireland. At the summer festival of Samhain, she is said to emerge from a cairn with her red bull, and people light bonfires on the sacred hill in her honor. Another lesser known goddess of summer is Solntse, a Slavic goddess of the sun, as well as Aestas, a Roman personification of summer. 

In Greek mythology, the Horai are the goddesses responsible for the planting and success of ancient crops. Of them, Theros is known as the goddess of summer. Amaterasu is a Shinto solar goddess who is known as the sister of the moon deity. The Japanese imperial family claims descent from Amaterasu and every July she is celebrated in the streets of Japan. 
Amaterasu emerges from the cave

Since I am currently landlocked, I find myself thinking about being near the water...

and celebrate the goddesses of summer 
Midsummer Eve, by Edward Robert Hugues
by dreaming about the ocean.

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