Goddesses, Grapes and the Douro Valley of Portugal

An archaeologist unearths the divine feminine, one archetype at a time...
High above a river, which flows unhurriedly through northern Portugal, lie vast acres of vineyards. In the fertile soil that hugs the steep slopes spanning either side of this river, grow the grapes which produce the finest port wines in the world.

This jaw-droppingly beautiful land is known as the Douro Valley of Portugal.
On a hot and dusty afternoon we had a chance to walk through the vineyards
An audio tour described the history of the region
while we admired
its flora and fauna
After a brisk hike through the vineyards, it was time to return to the tasting room to sip their finest ports

while overlooking the balcony, festooned with wisteria and a view of the river far below.

The Greek god of wine is Dionysus. Yet another version of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, is known as Amphictyonis. Sacrifices were offered to her at the beginning of meetings for the amphyctions of Thermopylae, where membership in the league of nations was discussed. As such, Amphictyonis is known as the goddess of wine and friendship between nations. 

In such an exquisite, mythical setting

it's easy to feel like goddesses, walking amidst the grapes


  1. Wine and friendship, surely there can't be anything better matched on heaven and earth.
    Is the port you tasted better than any other port?

  2. Stunning photos. What an awesome country Portugal is.

  3. I can only imagine how lovely the port must have been. What a beautiful countryside to soak in through the day.

  4. feel and look like a goddess.

    how i smile at the appearance of your beautiful silver bangles up around your daughter's shoulders:) and how i love your shadows as you walk both in and out of history.


  5. This looks like it was a divine trip. Your pictures are stunning. I've been to Portugal long ago...Hope all your book writing is going well!

  6. Wisteria, Port and sharing these wonderful adventures with those you love! It doesn't get any better! Both Dionysus and Amphictyonis approve! (You cut your hair...it looks beautiful!)


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. You make me want to return to Portugal during wisteria season. Lovely photo of you too - you look so happy.


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