How Do You Say Love in Portuguese?

There is a lot to love in Lisbon

Its citizens truly enjoy their beautiful city

The streets are filled with life

fascinating foods


and history - these old lampposts have the symbol of Lisbon - a ship with two ravens - incorporated into them. The symbol commemorates the city's patron saint, St. Vincent of Saragossa, who was martyred in 304 A.D. After his death, two ravens protected his body from wild animals until his followers could recover it and take him to his final resting place in the south of Portugal.

Peek through a fence and you can find Roman ruins under the streets

We happened upon this church, which collapsed in a devastating earthquake in 1755 and was rebuilt

I took a moment to light a candle to remember my dad, who passed away a year ago

A world traveler many times over, he no doubt wandered down some of these same streets, years ago, 

and I imagined at times I might be walking in his footsteps.

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