How Do You Say Love in Portuguese?

There is a lot to love in Lisbon

Its citizens truly enjoy their beautiful city

The streets are filled with life

fascinating foods


and history - these old lampposts have the symbol of Lisbon - a ship with two ravens - incorporated into them. The symbol commemorates the city's patron saint, St. Vincent of Saragossa, who was martyred in 304 A.D. After his death, two ravens protected his body from wild animals until his followers could recover it and take him to his final resting place in the south of Portugal.

Peek through a fence and you can find Roman ruins under the streets

We happened upon this church, which collapsed in a devastating earthquake in 1755 and was rebuilt

I took a moment to light a candle to remember my dad, who passed away a year ago

A world traveler many times over, he no doubt wandered down some of these same streets, years ago, 

and I imagined at times I might be walking in his footsteps.


  1. Oh, wow. Sis, what an amazing post. I feel a little at a loss for words.

    I'd like to take a moment to honor your Dad. I can't believe it's already been a year.

  2. What a fascinating place - especially the Roman ruins. I am in love with Roman ruins :)

  3. Amanda, what a breathtaking post and all the amazing photographs. I guess you were thrilled to see the streets your Dad probably walked and wandered.I have no words for that.
    I wish maybe someday I will visit Portugal, at least I speak their language ;o)
    with much love ( AMOR ),

    1. I hope you can visit Portugal someday too, Mina - I've no doubt you would feel right at home!

  4. What a treat to be introduced to Portugal this way. You make me want to stop everything and get on a plane!

  5. Lisbon sounds and looks fascinating! I have never been and now really must visit. How wonderful to feel the presence of your Father with you. Love your photos - and that lamp! Minerva x

  6. that's a jaunty step - happy travels!

  7. Though I have never thought of traveling to Lisbon, you certainly make me want to do so. Your views are so intriguing. Also wonderful that you feel that kinship with your father here.

  8. In Portuguese, "amor" is the word for love. But that's not really the question.

    Love is the scent, and sight, and texture of every experience in Lisbon. From a lazy afternoon, to a night bright with stars. The way you have described them. As iconic as Ithica, perhaps.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting

  9. its so beautiful and I'm so glad you are walking in your dad's footsteps. what a lovely image. enjoy!

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    Blessings and Bear hugs; Peace and Joy.

    1. Thank you Rob, for this honor.

      As I'm traveling and not blogging as regularly, I will have to forego the requirements but truly appreciate your acknowledgment♡

  11. Amanda, I absolutely loved that first photo...

  12. Thanks for the tour! I liked seeing Lisbon through your eyes :)

  13. What a fabulous vacation! I loved the shot of the sun spotted cobblestones best of all. That first shot would make a great book cover. I visited coastal Portugal as a child and would love to return.

  14. Your photos are so beautiful. I love the candles in the church. I have a dear friend in Lisboa and would love to visit. And old European city by the sea, how can you beat that?

    1. I hope you get to travel to Lisbon some day, Ruth. It is a very attractive, livable city with deep history and fantastic seafood to boot!


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