Goddesses in the Dust: and by the Sea

 Unearthing the divine feminine, one archetype at a time...

I will be away and semi disconnected from iPhones, Macs, Pads and Pods for the next two weeks (however I will be reading Steve Jobs' biography on the beach ;) I look forward to visiting everyone and catching up on your posts once I return to civilization. 

In the mean time, a friend notified me last week that when she visited my blog she got a notice warning her about possible malware. No one else who has visited before or since has mentioned a problem to me, but if anyone gets a similar warning please let me know so I can notify Blogger. 

Thanks so much, and wishing everyone a wonderful last two weeks of August (and summer!)



  1. Amanda, enjoy yourself! I made it through most of that biography, it was a Christmas gift last year.

    I hope the possible malware situation gets cleared up. I have had that issue with another blog on two separate occasions, but never with yours.

  2. Wishing you all the best, dear Amanda!
    take care,

  3. There is nothing "mal" about your blog. And I hope you and Steve have a wonderful time at the beach.

    See you when you're back.

  4. oh so you and i are writing? with an ocean? that makes me smile.

    here's wishing you the best time, amanda. i wrote a chapter on pompeii today which i'm positive you know all about.

    :^) & ♥

  5. Have a fantastic time unplugging! x
    And fyi... I haven't gotten a warning :)

  6. Always good to take a holiday from technology and just link up with nature, and a book! Enjoy. Minerva x

  7. I love the photo of you together--with almost the same expression; squinting in the sunshine with mild mirth and a bit of annoyance at being photographed! Be well, Καλές διακοπές (kales diakopes).

  8. Enjoy your weeks off and that book, it is a great one have read it too.;)) Lovely image of your mom and you.;))
    Take care dear Amanda and thank you for your latest endearing comment.;)

  9. I'm no longer getting the malware warning so it must have been removed. I enjoyed the post below and other photos of your mother. I can see how a fine woman like that could have produced a woman like you. You must miss her very much.

  10. Hi Amanda, hope the beach was wonderful. I am glad you fixed that malware problem and that I can come back and read :) Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


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