welcome to where?

this is the name of a town in slovenia. i kid you not. 

i saw a lot of road signs last fall when i traveled to slovenia

when i was visiting my cousins

like this one welcoming visitors to my family's town

or this one warning drivers to beware of bears and wolves near tunnels (actually this was in croatia but who's counting...)

but somehow i managed to miss fuckovci! 

when one of my u.s. cousins went to visit our slovene family this spring he happened upon it while driving through the countryside and snapped the foto.

fuckovci has its own facebook page, as well as an official information site

which would be fascinating reading.... 

except for the fact it's written in slovene.

so now if you're mad at someone and want to tell them to go somewhere (but don't want to use a bad word) 

just tell them to go to fuckovci!!



  1. There is actually a town in Austria or bavaria, I forgot, which is called Fucking. It does not mean anything in German, so the inhabitants are very surprised that their signs are always stolen by English tourists!! hahaha

  2. heehee i wonder how they pronounce it?

  3. Like Val, I wonder how they pronounce it, too.

    Beautiful photograph of you and your cousins, A.

  4. Sister ~ You look like one of the kids in the Slovene family foto. Notice the burrowed brow and chins? And the belted jeans? No doubt you are a long lost relative!

    Oh - about Fuckovici ...probably pretty close to what we think it sounds like...definition: with a little fuck...or fucked with spirit...means you took a wrong turn after the tunnel and must do an immediate U-turn to avoid the bears and coyotes which will be crossing soon.

  5. Ho, ho. I wish my cough and cold would go fuckovici. Or, fuck-cough-ici (using the French word meaning here). It was a thought!

  6. Wonderful photographs! I enjoyed "strolling" through them, Amanda.

    So interesting, the names that turn up. This one made me laugh :o))
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets

  7. and here the famous restuarant is called "Fukier", can you imagine?:)

  8. To answer the question of pronunciation: In German the U is always pronounced like a u in "put" or in "Looking". So what`s funny about a town called Looking, or Fooking, for that matter?
    But I agree it IS funny.
    Especially if you have no idea why the stupid tourists come.

  9. Hahaha, just like the town of Effin, Ireland. They even have an Effin sports team. :)

    But since when is Slovania a part of the EU?

  10. i thought it would be pronounced "fook" so thank you, angela.

    i lost my patience with someone today and i told them to go fuckovci! :^) not really! but it sounds so authoritative.

    i like where you take me in the world, amanda


  11. ps my word authorization was "funeu" which when you say outloud, allowing for a slight lisp, pretty much makes the point.

    hee hee amanda

  12. I love crazy signs - so that bear and wolf one is just awesome! signs are such a great little slice of local life. I imagine there must be a place that has beware of giant toads or rock eating lizards, or dragons.

  13. Thank you for the journey to places, the usual map doesn't show very much.

    Please have you all a good Sunday.

  14. Funny as all get out. I'll never forget that when I told Emily at 17 months that we were going to Yugoslavia, she said, "No, YOU go slavia!" She got mad! Six months later war broke out. xxooRenee

  15. Oh those Slavs! A-ha-ha! I love the Croatian *Beware of Bears and Wolves* though....no matter, it is a gorgeous land with warm, loving people!

    As for the town of *Fucking* in Bavaria - gosh - how on Earth did I ever miss that in all of my travels there?

    I love "Renee from Flanders" comment! Priceless!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  16. That's my kind of humor. A great place to visit and leave in a hurry.

  17. geli - if tourists are stealing so many signs the residents may want to consider changing the name!

    val - good question - i must ask my slovene cousins~

    suze - thank you dear suze♡

    sistah - hahaha!! taking a u-turn in a tunnel to avoid bears and wolves sounds like something i'd do!

  18. dd - i hope your cough fuckovcis too!!

    ann - glad it made you smile ;-)

    ola - i've never heard of that restaurant - but the name probably means something different in polish, right?

    geli - if it's pronounced that way, then the word sounds like it's being said by someone with an english accent - still funny!

  19. shers - haha! effing sports team, eh?

    i believe slovenia has been in the eu for a while but for how long exactly i'm not sure..

    rosaria - oh yes! ;-)

    kj - next time you tell 'em to go fookoffski and they won't know what him them!! hehe

    mim - there must a such a place - and i would be the first one to take pictures of that as i love these signs too - i made my husband pull off the highway just so i could snap it!

  20. robert - you're right, the map only reveals so much, does it?!!

    renee - hahah!! that's so funny! i can just see her little face scowling at you!!

    robin - love those slavs too.......they are a set of gorgeous lands with gorgeous people to boot.

  21. sonia - so true!! that's really funny - you'd want to make it a hit and run kind of trip!

    julie - so glad you stopped by!


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