crazy uruguayan dogs

this past april after i traveled to uruguay, i wrote a post about it, in which i sang the praises of the best drink in the world, called a submarino - a whole piece of chocolate dropped into a glass of warm milk....

 the cobblestone streets....

the cool old cars.... 

but what i didn't tell you about were the crazy dogs of uruguay

from the moment we got off the boat we were followed by a pack of them.

here is senor alpha dog and leader of the pack

barking up the wrong tree

one of his scruffy lieutenants

we could tell our long suffering tour guide was used to them. she would keep talking and raising her voice to be heard above their barking, avert her eyes when they did their business right where she was showing us a lovely park, pretend to not notice when they cavorted in and out of historic buildings she was telling us about. and all this was fine.....until we got to the church. 

that's when my daughter and i lost it. 

we were sitting in the pews, the tour guide going on about when the church was built, saying that many couples have come over from buenos aires to get married here because it's so pretty, and on and on, when all of a sudden one of the dogs saunters down the aisle. as the guide drones on, my daughter and i watch in amazement as the pooch decides to use the altar as his personal playground, proceeding to roll around in front of the pews, teeth bared, having the time of his life 

here is senor loco doing his thing

my daughter and i were barely able to stifle our laughter. at one point he climbed up on the kneeler and looked out at his audience. when we burst into laughter our poor tour guide knew she had been upstaged. rolling her eyes towards the heavens, she let out these words with a deep sigh, making it patently obvious that she had to put up with this nonsense constantly:

"every day it is the same...."

this is dedicated to the crazy dogs of uruguay. we think of them often and wonder at the carefree attitude they show towards life - loosely organized into groups and falling into a natural pecking order, they run free and with abandon in these beautiful surroundings, doing whatever they want, whenever they want.

if only life were so simple for humans! ;-)


  1. What a relaxed pack! And attending church, even! Great pictures, Amanda. You have an eye for the extras!
    Nuestro Paco es un perro como ellos, he was born in Madrid.

  2. now i want to go to uruaguay!...any culture that allows such freedom for their animals is the casual kind i i love dogs! Sounds like they live a natural life there. Cesar Milano's tactics are probably not needed at all!

  3. I need to make mysef such a submarine even today, I need to check whether I have milk beacuse chocolate is what I usually have home:)

  4. Amanda, I've had these strange ruminations about dogs and humans that I find difficult to articulate. I think about evolutionary order a little more than your average housewife and there's something about the psychic relationship between canine and human to which I think there is more than meets the eye. I'm not just referring to the relationship between dog and owner but rather the similarities between the manner in which dogs operate and humans operate. I like your tour guide's words,

    'every day it is the same ...'

    To the crazy dogs of Uruguay.

    Also, I meant to mention that I see your decision to leave off capitalization convention as a deliberate stylistic choice. One of my sisters practices the same. To me, this is as much a choice as my unwillingness to text without proper punctuation.

  5. Oh how I needed to see this post today! I have been awhirl in the loss of two dear friends, while two others are battling to regain their health.... so.... must first comment on the *Submarino*....OMG.... *unhealthily DELICIOUS*!!!

    The Cars are *ubercool*!

    The DOGGIES!!!!!! Ah-ooowwwwooooo!
    The *Leader of the Pack* is such a handome fellow.... the followers, pretty cute...but THE CHURCH DOG - hysterical!!! Wonderful photos.
    This leads me to a story I hadn't thought about in years - until I saw these photos.

    One day, my Mum and I were in the midst of Mass in our very beautiful St. Ignatius Church. It is really big....almost a cathedral..with a huge, long Nave.
    I happened to look up - and a cat was makig his/her (?) way up the nave towards the Altar. El Gato (I I wasn't close enough to be *sure*)...stopped right in front of the Altar where the Priest was blessing the Wine...and began to have a bath! You know the hind leg raise towards the *Heavens*...and a lot of tongue action on his rear!
    OMG! I totally lost it....and had to bend down in order to stifle my Mum noticed too...and she began did several of the congregation...

    The Priest, a really sweet man, kept on blessing the wine....never had the cat removed...and when we all lined up for Communion, El Gato, finished bathing and regally strolled down the Nave and out of the Church! It was a wonderful moment....and sadly, long before cell phones - or I would have captured it on film!

    Ah, I have laughed a lot now....feeling better...laughing is so uplifting! (Of course a Submarino would be nice too.....)

    Wonderful post!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. They may be free but, save for the alpha, how skinny they are.

  7. They have been abandoned, poor things, and are trying to hook up with some human who'll take them home and feed them. Too bad, really, that they are roaming wild.

  8. Good grief! Your blog has gone to the dogs! I never thought I'd see the day.

    Even if they are scruffy, they seem to have an inherent cuteness to them.


  9. Nice Photo !!

  10. ... barking up the wrong tree ...

    super fabulous red car

  11. geli - so senor paco has latin blood in him!! he has managed to adapt well to a colder climate (complete with very warm masters! ;-)

    sue - i agree with you - these dogs don't need cesar's input as they have managed to organize themselves quite well without human input~

    ola - it is a decadent treat - (p.s. I always have chocolate around the house too!)

  12. suze - that's a lot of food for dogs - and animals in general - organize themselves vs. how humans do so. one of the critical distinctions between humans and animals, at least that i've noticed, is that animals live in the moment. completely and utterly. without an obsession with time, their lives focus on more reality based issues and it points up how radically humans live in their heads, often trapped in a virtual world of past and future and all the fears that come with those thoughtforms. (guess you and i both think about these things a little more than the average housewife — does that make us abnormal housewifes??) hehe

    and the lack of punctuation issue - when i started blogging i had originally thought it would be a place to publish chapters of a book i'm working on, but over time it has morphed into a free for all space in which to express myself - so for reasons i'm still not clear about there seems to be a separation between this and my other writing. i enjoy the freedom of this type of stream of consciousness expression, and guess i think of the entire blog world as a free expression zone on so many levels.

  13. robin - your story has me smiling from ear to ear - it must have been all you could do to stifle the laughter from watching that entertaining gato crawl all over the church!! sounds like the padre had a soft spot for all of goddess' creatures as well!

    so treat yourself to a submarino (and if you want to go the healthy route, just make it a skinny submarino with skim milk!!)

    paul - honestly, i didn't notice that they were that skinny!

    rosaria - the overarching feeling i had about these animals was how happy they were. what we witnessed was the sheer joy and exuberance they had for life, and they did not appear - at least to us - to have been mistreated in any way.

  14. r-bear - yes, i have gone to the dogs. my husband and daughter and i were transfixed by these creatures and still marvel about them to this day.

    dual - thanks for visiting!

    janet - i watched the shepherd for a long time but he had no luck with the cat up the tree.

    and yes - those cars were amazing - vintage seems to last so much longer in favorable climates!

  15. Oh how absolutely charming. They do lead a crazy, care-free life it seems. The church scene made me giggle.

  16. Wonderful photographs! I envy your travels Amanda. I love dogs, but have to admit that I get a little afraid of them when there's a pack. The ones featured here look well cared for and friendly though.

  17. Oh Amanda, what a great post - indeed, these dogs seem to be enjoying the ultimate freedom and all the ups and downs that come with it.;) It is liberating to experience it and makes us wish our lives were simpler indeed.;))
    Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving.;))

  18. It is quite possible that my dog is from Uruguay.

  19. 'every day it is the same'...there is such sweetness there.

    and in other news, would love the recipe for that submarino drink. if recipe calls for a jet plane south, so be it . . .

  20. so many dogs! did you have to watch your step everywhere you went?


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