Willow Ball Dahling

Can it be possible..... that it's time once again for that grand event, a night to eclipse all other nights.........the Willow Ball?
Be still my heart. 

Yes. Raoul has asked me to be his date....he chose this dress especially for me. For some reason, he has a thing for a scallop-shell bodice and tiers of tulle. 

I have no idea why. But if I say no to him....

He flies into a rage

and then he sulks.

Oh Raoul, you are fantastico man candy. But I must say adieu.........your pouting and temper tantrums are much too much for me. I've decided instead that I want to wear something else........

Now we're talkin'. This dress will be perfect for my preferred date of choice on this night of all nights........he's still man candy, but he can teach me a thing or two that you can't Raoul.....

Meet my new date: Antonio Ereditato, head of the OPERA (Oscillation Project with Emulsion-tRacking Apparatus) Program at CERN.

You know, those folks who smash particles in an accelerator? 

Oh Antonio - I love it when you do that...

Well, this guy promised he would explain to me how a couple of neutrinos managed to make their way from Switzerland to Gran Sasso, Italy, faster than the speed of light! Take that, Raoul! 

However, if Antonio falls for my *twin* Robin's charms, as he always does (she loves OPERA after all), I'll need consoling....

 Meet me on the veranda for one of our esteemed hostess' famous Last Word cocktails

Yes, I too can sometimes act like a crazed neutrino Raoul... 

but you know you love it

just please...

 try not to pull your hair out dahling

it's only a party...


  1. Ha!! You're good.

    But really .... ONLY A PARTY? Mmmm.

  2. reya dahling i was being facetious of course - it is only THE party of the year....

  3. Dear Fabulous *Twin*.... you ALWAYS were one for that late, but oh-so-dramatic entrance! That Raoul.....what a bore! So happy you bid him *adieu*.... Antonio......ummmm..yes, definitely a man of my taste! But, I can see he only has eyes for you....and why not....that dress is so perfect for you....you look like Aphrodite rising out of the sea into the rosy Dawn!

    I confess to making a *pilgrimage* down to Tess' Wine Cellar...where we had our "Waiting Room" Adventure with Mr. Fowles last year..and some shoes were lost! Someone WAS inside the Cellar...but it was not you...
    I missed you... and Antonio...

    I had to fly back to SF when the sun rose in OH hours ago...(thank goodness for Placido's private jet) as I have a SFO *Don Giovanni* Dress Rehearsal to work this evening...and my feet are killing me...too much dancin' in my Manolos...

    NEXT YEAR....we MUST COORDINATE like the *Twins* we truly are!

    You will *sparkle* like a true Goddess for the rest of the day....

    Love to you, always, dear *July*,

    ♥ June ♥

    p.s. my word verification is: *Poutu*....which is what I am doing since we missed each other....at the ball...

  4. You know that if you quit your day job you could write romance novels without any problem at all!

  5. rosaria beat me to the punch on this one. She's absolutely right!
    It's great that you have such a wonderful fantasy life. Almost as much (or even a bit more) fantasy as/than Bear's life.
    Bear enjoys your writing, and laughs as he trundles towards the Willow Ball. (To the non-Bears, it sounded like a roar — something, apparently, got lost in translation.)

  6. bear, i will meet you at the ball. and be sure to save a dance for me ~

  7. i'm pouting too robin! how can my twin leave the party before i even arrive?

    (now that sounds just like a neutrino's behavior..... hehe)

  8. looking forward to our dance, as is Dinosaur Hand - he'll be the hand around your waist. just remember he has a mind of his own, because i don't think my face can stand the amount of slapping it got last year. I'm relishing a conversation about worldly travels and maybe you'll giving me some writing tips, as you are so accomplished! Toodles

  9. the first guy smokes:(I spent so much time working on persuading my husband not to smoke and I reached the success!:)

  10. What a dress.....! And chosen by a bloke!! Lucky you! I'm not sure who he is but I wouldn't mind a bit 'rage in a cage' with him for a few minutes....!

    I shall meet you - and Antonio? - at the ball.....!

  11. You have outdone yourself with both men! Don't worry after the party I will console Raoul if he is still sulking. Your dress is amazing!!! You what a pleasure to have met you at the ball. I thought you would have taken a fencer for sure. Maybe next year you will grace Aldo Nadi's arm.

  12. I can`t get over that dress! I want one just like it! That Willow Ball really is THE Party of the year. I ordered four hundred petits fours again, but I think I`ll have to eat them all myself. If I had a neutrino machine I could cross the ocean, but would it include all the petits fours?

  13. YOU don't need anyone choosing gowns ... your choice was perfection!

  14. Hahaha, and I DO so love that better choice of man and dress. Just go wild and leave the beast to howl at his own moon. :)

  15. my gosh AManda
    I couldn't help noticing you at the ball - the seductive dress the lowered eyes the sultry looks
    and the lay of the clothes upon the dancer...

  16. tom - watch that hand - by the looks of nigella it deserves to be slapped -

    (you rakish cad, you..)

  17. lena - looking forward to it dahling. and my date's name? raoul bova, an italian film star. handsome, yes.....but he is a bit petulant..

    yoli - thank you my dear - and you look divine yourself!

    next year aldo? an inspired choice....much better than golubitsky, don't you think?

    geli - dahling, where are you? i've been looking all over for you at the manor...

  18. helen- the same to you my dear - and that silver dress you are wearing with five tiers of ruffles, well..... simply smashing.

    catfish - will do. and with a full moon, there'll be a lot of howling going on.

    poems - now HOW did you know i was a dancer? ;-)

  19. That Raoul is too much. Those eyes. I can't believe you can just toss him away. Probably serves him right, though. Have a wonderful evening no matter who you are with.

  20. Oh Dear...I cant say I remember one single word...What was this post about again...a dance or something...Oh sweet Raoul..sweet sweet ..heehee.

  21. my my said the spider to the fly...is it warm in here or what? Can't wait to hear about the after partee...yeah-cheers c

  22. Love the dress - love the man - you made choices - the right choices and I see you're having as ball.

  23. your dress is stunning....

    i'm going to say something i know you will like alot, amanda: YOU ARE VERY CREATIVE. this is a super tale; i hope you do more of this. so so so so so fun.

    i can't say much about these guys. you know. :^) not that there aren't guys i appreciate. :^)

    i don't know willow (though i know enough to admire her). no same sex couples and quadruples attending the ball? i'm rooting for that! hee hee.

    fun fun fun ♥

  24. Oh, dear. I was so looking forward to having a dance with you. But by time I arrived, everyone was gone.
    I had even put on a spiffy red bow tie, to complement by Bearskin outfit.
    Perhaps next year?

  25. Oh, this made me chuckle.;) You will be a hit no matter what dress you wear or who your date will be.;) Any man would be lucky to have a gorgeous woman like you on their arm.;)
    Love all the images.;)
    Enjoy the party.;)))

  26. uhoh that Raoul eh. but the rage thing - no thanks. even if its caged. I prefer the second choice on both counts. Such fun even watching the Ball through the leaded windows. maybe next year with the aid of magic :)

  27. both dresses look so fabulous that you must try to wear them both....that goes for the men too....

  28. So good to bump into you at Willow Manor ...

  29. i am not one for partys or dressing up or even scary looking men, but you have described it all so charmingly i had fun seeing it through your eyes. you are such a wonderful writer dear amanda. rosaria is right.

  30. love YOUR choice of dress
    (and that you had a ball or should that be Ball or should that be BALL)

  31. Funny! This is a most rakish twist on the Willow Ball.

  32. I love love love that dress.

    I am sorry that I am reading this before bed. I fear I shall be dreaming things that may not be appropriate for public consumption!!!

  33. Amanda Panda, just wanted to make sure that you knew how grateful I am to you for your comment, yesterday. I'm at a loss to articulate just how perfect it was. Funny, the word 'perfect' itself seems to pale in the effort to capture my response to your words.

    Thank you.

  34. This is fantastic, Amanda...thanks for making the Willow Manor Ball 2011 so enjoyable...

  35. I'm breathless! From the laughing - for crying - out - loud!

  36. thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments about my adventures to this year's willow ball ~ next year i hope you will all visit tess kincaid's website (link is in the post) around early october to check for the exact date - she is one hell of a hostess and encourages everyone to explore that wonderful edge between reality and cyber fantasy which the willow ball celebrates. and on that subject - dear kj - what would a ball be without same sex couples and quadruples - bring it on honey the more the merrier — and Rob - I'm sorry I missed a spin around the dance floor with my favorite bear - next year ~

    so glad you all liked my choice of date - you can get a longer look at raoul bova by renting under the tuscan sun, if you are interested....

    and rosaria - holy harlequin romance! bodice rippers here i come (hehe)!



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