israel fades from my rear view mirror

a few, final images of this remarkable country........

i believe you. i really do.

charismatic christians singing.....quite a moving sight to happen upon

the sun just seems so.........much closer here. like there's a portal in the sky above the middle east where the light comes through more powerfully than anywhere else on earth...

corinthian capitals at caesaria 

toast to the setting sun over jaffa

the baha'i gardens in haifa

some kids started tires on fire inside the jerusalem city walls and my israeli friend called the police......these soliders showed up and were on their way to investigate

unusual tree planter in tel aviv

remnants of the six day war en route to jerusalem

the fifth station of the cross: simon of cyrene helps jesus to carry the cross

israel's red cross, the red crescent society

road signs in israel can conjure up images of places from the distant past......

.............and the not so distant past

next up: persephone goes into the underworld. for real. 

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