israel fades from my rear view mirror

a few, final images of this remarkable country........

i believe you. i really do.

charismatic christians singing.....quite a moving sight to happen upon

the sun just seems so.........much closer here. like there's a portal in the sky above the middle east where the light comes through more powerfully than anywhere else on earth...

corinthian capitals at caesaria 

toast to the setting sun over jaffa

the baha'i gardens in haifa

some kids started tires on fire inside the jerusalem city walls and my israeli friend called the police......these soliders showed up and were on their way to investigate

unusual tree planter in tel aviv

remnants of the six day war en route to jerusalem

the fifth station of the cross: simon of cyrene helps jesus to carry the cross

israel's red cross, the red crescent society

road signs in israel can conjure up images of places from the distant past......

.............and the not so distant past

next up: persephone goes into the underworld. for real. 


  1. I love to travel with you on this blog. Your pictures show bits of this country that travel books don't always show.

  2. Yes, we are being transported to another time in these pictures. Good luck on your next trip.

  3. Yes, Israel is an interesting place with all its Biblical names. I remember sitting in a restaurant along the sea of Galilee and looking at the water thinking of the Bible story of Jesus walking on the water. At the time there was a rumor that the Israelis were thinking of building a walkway just below the surface of the water so tourists could "walk" on the water.

    Did you go to Ramallah and the West Bank? I lived in Ramallah for a year. It was a fabulous experience.

  4. You want to comment on every photograph. There's so much richness, here. I love the hanging planter, the worshipers, the wine at sunset, the portal in the sky. And I really believe the vendor has good falafel, too.

    I love your blog.

  5. completely facinating. travel safely dear amanda.

  6. Hi, thanks for comment :) Your photos are amazing.

  7. So beautiful. The Israel you share with us is such a fascinating place. Your posts are addictive :)

  8. Mesmerizing as always..... I know you will carry these memories - and many more with you always.

    The "Falafel" shot is too funny! I laughed out loud!

    The "Setting Sun" wine is "Fowlesian"! (Just waiting for the ringing of the bell!)

    The Cornithian Columns remnants...(how I remember learning the different styles in school...)

    The Station of the Cross Portal..
    (just awesome for this Catholic Girl..)

    The signs of war....mixed with the signs of love and faith.... it is overwhelming....

    Lookin g forward to your journey to the "Underworld"....


    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. What a journey! And the sun does seem awfully bright in that photo, so it must really feel like it's closer there than everywhere else.
    I wonder how long they'll keep that tree in the planter hovering like that?

  10. You experiences reminded me of our adventure there 20 years ago.
    I'm glad you had such a good time.

  11. Amanda I'm appointing you my official Goddess of Travel. Through the portal of your camera lens you guide parts of the world I doubt I shall ever see in person but viewing them from the edge of my kitchen bench I'm that much closer. Thanks and smiles*!*

  12. So interesting and diverse pictures by an experience photographer!! Well done Amanda!!


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