holy land

this woman looks like she walked right out of the old testament

jerusalem is a city of many faces............

hasidic jew praying at the western wall

felafel vendor

hurrying home on the holiday of shavuot

pilgrims at the site of christ's deposition

........and perspectives........

light streaming into the church of the holy sepulchre

moveable coffee break

strolling the city walls in sight of the dome of the rock

intersection of islam, hasidism and israeli police on the via dolorosa

mosques and churches live side by side

persephone in the underworld, walking the tunnels beneath the city

brotherly love

next stop - the dead sea and masada


  1. More amazing Photos.My folks went to Jerusalem last year and I feel the same way viewing your photos as I did viewing their photos..This is one of those places on earth..that must be witnessed first hand.I hope to one day have the chance to do just that.Hugs,Cat

  2. I love the different expressions on all of the faces. The felafel vendor is my favorite, but the first pic has such an historic look to it. Thank you for sharing these. What a fantastic trip.

  3. such a nice lady, you are, for sharing all these different places,,,

  4. it looks a little like brooklyn, hee hee. wow! how thrilling to have these experiances, i'd love to be there! your photos are great amanda, i almost feel i am there just by looking at them. love the falafel guy!

    enjoy these days,
    xoxo lori

  5. I'm mesmerized by all this, so much to take in, so much history to unravel.

  6. There is so much I love about this post, Amanda. The felafel vendor made me want to cry for some reason. Not really-- but I mean the look in his eye made me just feel something. Like he was selling the thing to me!

    Thank you for sharing this journey.

  7. I would love to join you on this journey. Israel is like a shining beacon - so much history, so many cultures ...

  8. Thank you very much for your effort and these outstanding impressions.
    Much enjoyed journey. Please have a good new month and nice weekend as well.

    daily athens

  9. Amanda,

    Thanks for sharing a glimpse of Jerusalem and the people. I never knew the streets were so "interesting."

  10. Wow!!! Loved Felafal Vendor. He wants you to enjoy felafal.

  11. Distinctly I remember those experiences, Amanda. I'm glad you're having them, reminding those who have been, and telling those who have not.

  12. these pictures are fascinating and beautiful. So interesting to see all the cross cultural stuff. Those tunnels under the city are amazing - is that sedementary layers from climatic changes - or foundations?? thanks for showing us thisX

  13. That lady in the first picture is not coming out of the Bible, she is living history. Despite all the modern gadgets Israel is still living and reliving bibllcal times and the conflicts that have ravaged that land for thousands of years since Abraham's two sons became ennemies. Really it is a very long and unending family feud.

  14. WOW this is completely another world to me. Biblical indeed.

  15. Wonderful pictures. I like Lori's comment - and sort of agree that it does...in a way...remind me of Brooklyn, where cultures rub elbows all the time. I always felt sorry for people who didn't grow up in a city with multiple cultures.

    Anyway- looking forward to the next set of pictures

  16. What an exquisite journey through this ancient land. Although my favorite two photos are your magnificent capture of the felafel vendor and the church dome with sunlight, each of your photos contributes to this thread of Jerusalem. Merci


  17. Holy cow ! Plenty of food for thought there in all those contrasting visions... Now if there could only be some peace in and around...

  18. Late, late and LATE again..but I have finally (albeit sadly) left the worlds of Valhalla and Neibelheim... and coming here to walk the paths where so many have gone before was thrilling! You always capture the true essence of a place.... I don't think I can choose a *favourite* photo...although I love the one of you *below* in the Underworld..and also the one with the light streaming into the holy sepulchre....

    Sending many hugs across the Continents!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  19. I became very angry with myself after reading your post - I have left Lebanon and realized just now I forgot to eat falafel!!!

    Thank you for these beautiful pictures. Incredible.

  20. I wonder if I'll ever get any closer than these photographs...

    I looked at them all for quite some time, but enjoyed the "Intersection" one the most.

    I look forward to the Dead Sea.

  21. yet again i am staggered for the depths and lengths this world holds.

    so grateful you share, amanda.



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