show me the magic

one of my favorite movies is tempest, starring john cassavetes, gena rowlands and susan sarandon.

it tells the story of a man in the midst of a midlife crisis who moves with his teenaged daughter (played by molly ringwald) to a remote island in greece. the story is based on shakespeare's play, and cassavetes' character has magical powers which allow him to summon storms. 

in a key scene before he leaves for greece, he stands in the huge picture window of his manhattan apartment during a violent storm. with arms outstretched, he shouts to the heavens, just as a bolt of lightning strikes:

show me the magic!

later, as he languishes on the remote island, he once again summons a storm. this time the director captures a bank of clouds moving across a mountaintop in an eerie scenario. 

when i was in greece last november, i witnessed an almost exact duplication of those movie clouds.......slithering over the mountaintop with the same forboding quality. 

as i've said before, i see mystery everywhere...........especially in greece, a landscape that specializes in all things mysterious......

the clouds were flying over this house
have you ever seen a more beautiful place? 

it belongs to a friend of my sister's. she just returned from house sitting this magnificent property for a month and writes about it in several installments, starting here.
she spent her time editing a film she is making about the olive harvest. sadly, it rained almost the entire time she was there. 

(moral of the story: if you go to greece in february, the clouds mean business!)

if you are interested in traveling vicariously to a remote greek island, especially one in which the late raul julia (fantastic in the role of kalibanos (Caliban) sports a dead octopus on his head - put tempest on your netflix queue. 

and watch for the clouds.

top photo courtesy of Google images


  1. we have often thought about going to Greece in february because we have time off then....would not like the rain though! ,,,it is beautiful...i remember it well...thanks for the movie tip. Love the dog on his back in the dog used to do that too....

  2. This is so appealing! So, what do you suggest for sojourning in Greece for first timers?

  3. I'm putting it on my queue Right Now!

    The photographs are gorgeous!!! I would LOVE to go to Greece. But I'll just have to watch the movie, and keep coming over here to see what amazing things you have posted!!!!

  4. it's incredible to me that there are so many variations of life the world over, including such a specific perspective in Greece. breathtaking and curious. makes you want to keep looking, following the clouds.


  5. Nothing like standing on an empty beach and watching a storm come in from the horizon! I always love your stories and mysteries.

    Your recollections of Sylvia (last post) are fascinating.


  6. An interesting movie, one which I have not seen. Will be adding it to my queue.

  7. Interesting story. Just to have such a view from a balcony!:)

  8. Amanda, you so speak my language. I can relate to every single word in this post.
    I too see magic in everything - in the natural wonders that surround me. Whether it is in the way I anticipate the change of seasons, the blooming of the first flowers, gazing at the setting sun or the rising moon. Mountains, oceans, forests, fields, meadows - everything fills me with awe that only grows as I grow older. Not to mention the sky, I can watch it for hours.
    I have never seen this movie but I already feel it is a one I would love, thus I will look for it. As I would love to spend some time on the Greek Islands.
    Have a lovely weekend dear friend,

  9. I shall look forward to seeing this film. I love all the actors you mentioned, but I don't think I have seen this movie.
    PS~I love the dog in the first shot!
    PPS~...and I came over from Angela's Letters from Usedom.

  10. Dear "Twin",
    You continue to amaze me with your photographs, your stories and your wisdom! That house....oh about "Show Me the Magic" - there is a house where I am sure magic abounds! (Straight out of "our Magus" - don't you think? I can just hear the bell chiming....)

    As a lover of the Bard - I somehow missed this version of "The Tempest"....and it's going on to my Netflix Queue after I send this off to you! Can't wait!

    Sending many hugs,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  11. I would love to house-sit that house too. It is gorgeous. And yes, we both seem to have clouds on our mind :)

  12. I would love to house-sit that house too. It is gorgeous. And yes, we both seem to have clouds on our mind :)

  13. Gorgeous photos - I definitely will have Greece on my bucket list.

  14. You've looked at clouds from both sides now. . . .

    I love the clouds in your pictures; I must say, though, they don't look terribly dangerous.

    Say, is that The World's Greatest Airedale in the picture with Cassavetes? Sure looks like Mia.

  15. I LOVE storms and we have the most awesome summer electric storms here in Johannesburg!

    Friday night's storm here was like the heavens had opened and we were party to the gods throwing furniture around their heavenly palours and intense sparks were flying in the bolts of lightning and crashes of thunder!

    A storm over a Greek Island must be awesome too

  16. Netflix here I come - this sounds wonderful.

  17. I read this post and wondered out loud how I could possibly have missed this movie. Then I googled it and found out that it was released in America just after I gave birth to my third baby boy in four years. At that point, I wasn't aware of anything going on in the outside world!

    I can't wait to rectify this situation. Thanks for the tip, Amanda!


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