rainbow saturday

today's the last day of color week at my friend lisa's amazing site, 

focusing on one color a day has been an enlightening opportunity to experiment with the senses - 

try spending one day just looking for the color green, for example, as you're driving to work, or to the store. 

it's remarkable how your eyes and brain will help you focus in on the tiniest details in our environment............
and help you see our world in a whole new way.

today's colors are rainbow/multi

and what a wonderful world it is...........

thanks lisa for hosting this eye-opening color odyssey!! 



  1. How much I enjoy your blog.

  2. wait! is this my house? i also have the "jesus is coming look busy" card, the "garden of the jungle gods" and "essential neruda". right in front of me right now!

  3. LOL! Love every single shot, but especially the desk and book photos. Fabulous!

  4. Love the blog - love the photos Lx

  5. it's been a fun week. much of the fun was to find and visit new blogs like yours!

  6. JaPRA - thanks so much♡

    however it's hard to top your 'blue' photo of the plane, wingtip and sky........truly breathtaking!!!

    i look forward to following your blog regularly

    Welcome family affairs (and I will hope to learn both of your and JaPRA's real names at some point!!)

    thanks for visiting my blog ---- i am so glad to have found yours.....plan to become a regular visitor


    Hi Kamana - the feeling is definitely mutual!! I love your blog and look forward to following as well xoxo

  7. Hi Yoli! I'm now a regular visitor to your blog and I am really enjoying it!!!!


    Whoa Lisa - you're kidding?!!?

    i guess we both think Jesus, Neruda and the garden gods all make for great companions, right?!


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