i regret to inform you...

this whole college thing is winding down. the last thing son had to do was send in his 'no thank you' letters to the colleges he decided not to attend and - cue the Hallelujah Chorus!!! - the letter to the one he accepted.

imagine - after all the bullshit that kids have to go through in the college application process - the tables have turned! instead of him having to impress, worry and wait, now it's the colleges' turn.

so now we can finally throw out the piles of junk each school sent to him that has accumulated on the porch floor...........

seriously, some sent full color wall posters, others sent flash cards with cute facts about their school. course catalogs, bumper stickers, fancy metal bookmarks, you name it, they sent it.

as i was stuffing his response cards in the envelopes, i had to laugh as i read what son wrote to the california school. after asking him to check one of the following boxes

Yes, I will attend ****** as a member of the Class of 2014!

No, I will not be attending ******. 

they asked him to respond to the following question: My reasons for not attending: (to which he wrote)

It's too warm and beautiful. (and then directly following:) It just isn't the right fit.

god i love it. i hope somewhere in the bowels of the admissions office of Beautiful California School that someone is having a good yuk. so cheer up rejected college, and better luck next year! maybe you can fix that beautiful campus thing. and do something about that warm weather while you're at it ;-)


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