happy mother's day

happy mother's day to all mothers......be it mothers of human children, those who share their mothering love with children of the pet kind, those who minister to and care for their gardens... mothering love comes in many forms.

i came back from my run today with our almost 13 year old airedale terrier and my husband commented on how sleek and beautiful she looked, and how sad it was that she wasn't able to have her own babies. but she did, i answered, and it's true. she helped mother and raise our two children in her own way, and we even refer to the kids as her 'cubs'.

mothering energy is mothering energy no matter what the form, be it female or male ---- and there are many males i know whose mothering instinct is ever stronger than their female spouses.

i also want to take a moment to remember my own mom, no longer on the earthly plane but she lives on in me, my siblings and our children. she had this sketch done of her one day in 1963 in new york by a street artist. a year later, my dad surprised her by giving her a portrait of himself by the same artist. father's day is coming up, so i'll share that then.

while you're out and about today, take a moment to give thanks to our earth, our greatest mother we all share and often overlook. she needs our love, too. plant something, turn over a handful of dirt in your hands. the inkans refer to her as pachamama, and that sounds familiar don't you think?



  1. I love this profile of Mom. It depicted the most mature and hopeful expression right before weary. The one of Dad coming up had a big head. Apropos.

  2. Big head for sure---!

    mom's portrait being mature and hopeful before weary....you are right on with that dear sistah



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