i love the smell of jetfuel in the morning

Pulled the passport out of the drawer, got the international driver's license

Every time I travel overseas I try to see how little I can take - must be a result of my convent school days and wearing a uniform. I've got it down to a bit of a science - for in between seasons, where we are heading, I love my boots (they've already trekked across Argentina, Uruguay, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Greece...)

but they've got a little more road in them. 
Naturalizer is not a brand I normally buy, but these babies feel like slippers. Really.

Then there's the issue of a coat. The past few trips I've taken a $15 microfleece zip from Old Navy and a good rain parka that squeezes into a ball to pack. Upgraded this trip to a coat from Travelsmith - will be test driving this to see how it works.

Suitcase - compact, keeps me to my convent girl minimalist best.

Love it because this zips off and becomes a purse at my destination (big enough to hold my camera)

Throw in what else?

LBD from Old Navy (you heard it right - Old Navy. Where I get my jeans, tank tops and swimsuits.)

Love this circle scarf from my daughter (it's supposed to convert into a skirt/top/dress but haven't experimented with it yet...)

and a favorite skirt I 'borrowed' from her (thanks sweetie - you can borrow it back on the road :)

Cords. Lots of cords...(how did we get to be so electronics dependent when traveling??)

A new Moleskin 

To replace the previous, well-worn one

Carry on backpack from North Face - holds my laptop, camera, book, iPod, comfy socks for plane...

Running shoes. My husband says I'm crazy to pack them - (me crazy? true that.) But you see another side of foreign cities when you go running in them...

A good read.

And plastic bags to hold stuff (including my bracelets, which have set off metal detectors and detained me in security countless times)

My brother calls my blog Travels with Purse and Phone. 

He's right - but in this case, travels with two phones - one domestic and one GSM...

More to follow...


  1. Enjoy it Amanda, wherever you're going. Where are you going, by the way? I am curious. I love Old Navy's microfibre fleeces. They are wonderful for our humid winters.

    1. Loree - we are headed to Portugal - I hope to be able to do some posting on the road..

  2. Okay, can I just say that by the time I got to the end of the post, I was feeling all of this excitement for you!?

    I loooove your comment about running in another city. There is something about just imagining you do it that fills me with this bright mix of hope and largesse. And what I mean when I use that last word is that it is so easy to let the world collapse into this tiny point until all the bliss is just squeezed out. Why? WHY? Why not run in another city??

    Sis, I send you my best traveling wishes. And I really look forward to the 'more.'

  3. I am looking forward to hearing about all of the adventures you are about to have. What a seasoned traveler you are, just by the sight of your pack.

  4. This is so interesting I am giddy. This is a course in 'what to wear' on an A plus level

    I have to know how many pairs of jeans/pants. It can't just be one, right?

    So where are you going? you don't seem one bit nervous. I am giddy about that too because it gives me hope for myself :-)

    I wish you the best time

    1. just one pair of jeans, kj!!

      we will be traveling through northern Portugal - some areas a bit off the beaten track...hope to send back some interesting posts!

  5. Dear Amanda, what an entertaining post, thank you for letting us take a peak into your travel bag.;) I wish I would be more like you, man, I have such a hard time keeping my suitcases light, I ALWAYS bring too much.;)
    I have the same running shoes as you, except in pink.;) Love those bracelets, I am big on eclectic jewelry as well.;)
    Enjoy your trip and am looking forwrad to more updates.;)

  6. Καλό ταξίδι Αμαντα!

    1. efharisto poli maria! (i need to get a greek font :)

  7. Amanda, I came back to this post through the comment you left on mine today so that facilitated a pit stop on your profile. I hadn't seen your latest profile pic enlarged and I have to say, woman, you are radiant!

    1. thanks darlin - methinks that radiance was in part due to the mead i was drinking at bunratty castle where the foto was shot :))

  8. Well said, Colonel Kilgore!

    Oops, wait, wrong combustable. Sorry, amanda.

    You look reasonable well packed. Didn't bring the kitchen sink; this is good.

    I hope you have a wonderful time in Portugal and regale us with wonderful stories.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting

  9. Nice promotion for Old Navy.I wish my wife would take lessons from you for packing.Will show her your post. Have a nice trip.
    By the way, you must have greek fonts in the special characters window.

    1. haha - i should be sponsored by ON!

      i have used those greek fonts but they are a bit awkward....

  10. "Travels with Purse and Phone" ha! Your brother is funny. Have to say, agree w/Suze. Simply radiant! Love your new header photo, too. :)

    I am marveling at your light packing ability. The last long trip I took was to Vermont for my 10-day residency. One of my new classmates asked me if I was staying for a month! Really, the car was packed full and I wondered how difficult it must have been for all the folks who flew in to bring their belongings. Obviously, they are also, unlike me but very much like you, champion packers. I'm bound and determined to pack lighter for the June residency. At least I won't have to lug heavy coats and boots this time. (Btw, I have the very same black boots. Comfy, comfy.) Looking into that morphing scarf thingy!

    Enjoy your trip, Amanda! :D

  11. I would have thought that by now I would have got packing down to a science, but unfortunately not. I still overpack.
    What make is your suitcase if you don't mind me asking, it looks like a good one. x.

  12. sara - the suitcase is made by a company called eagle creek

  13. have fun. soak up everything. and come back with stories.)))


  14. Looks like an adventure is a commin...Love that your brother calls it Travels with Purse and Phone..Be safe dear friend. xo Cat


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