The Texture of Travel: Savannah

Like a crow is attracted to shiny things, I find myself attracted to texture and patterns. 

Both manmade 

and those found in nature.

A recent stroll around Savannah, Georgia, found me pointing the camera in odd places.

From ivy crawling up stairs

to this exotic looking growth at the base of a street palm.

Maybe it's the archaeologist in me, but I often find beauty

 at my feet...

...or like Persephone, in a graveyard

surrounded in lacy wrought iron fencing 

and shaded by an ethereal curtain of Spanish moss.


  1. And each detail has its own story...
    Lovely photos, Amanda.

  2. What a lovely city. There's something about Savannah which I know I will love. I hope I will make it there one day.

  3. We drove across Savannah, long ago, it was just beautiful, save for the shanty towns coming and going out of the city. I found that poor people rings around most Southern cities we then visited. Of course, it must have changed since the 70s.

  4. i loved these glimpses of this beautiful old city, it feels rich with history, i would have love to walk with you, you notice wonderful things amanda.

  5. Wonderful images! I love finding treasure in unexpected places. I think we must take the time to really look at our surroundings and not just see the obvious. You have such an artistic eye. That ivy on the steps is amazing! And I adore old railings too, the lichen, the rust ...... everything that age gives them. Minerva ~

  6. a world so far from mine. thank you for taking me with you. lately i've been making notes about how often "pattern" comes into my life. and now this gorgeous post of yours....

  7. The growth at the base of the palm, with its orange color, made me imagine I could smell the rest of your trip. I imagine, too, with the moss that it was quite humid. I have never been to Savannah and agree with Minerva, these are wonderful images. Very different in spirit from the images you posted of New York, but equally as enjoyable.

    1. the southeast can be really humid in the summer but savannah was quite temperate in january!

  8. You have a good eye for beauty in details. I especially love the ivy running up the steps. It's nice to slow down to notice patterns.

  9. I have an overwhelming attraction to Savannah. I have never been there, yet I'm obsessed with it. I don't know why, but there's just something about it that calls to me. I can't wait to see it for myself someday x.

  10. Thanks for sharing these great pictures of Savannah! I've always wanted to visit there. Hopefully LadyCat and I will be able to soon. Happy Valentine's Day and have a great weekend!

  11. Oh , I love iron fencing !
    I could almost smell and feel this beautiful city´s details. Thanks for the beautifl photos, Amanda!

  12. Lovely, immediately made me think you were walking through midnight in the garden of good & evil and is there a bit of a French influence going on in Savannah?


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