don't cry for me argentina

ok, ok - i know. i went for the easy title. 

don't cry for me argentina is cliche, but in the past couple of days as i've been exploring buenos aires, i've found that eva peron still figures largely here......

as do churros, hot chocolate...

and tango 

isn't this couple magnificent?!?

uploading fotos is slow right now, so i'll leave you with these images of my favorite things so far in the city argentines refer to as 'capital' --- buenos aires. 

more soon, mis amigos ;-)


  1. So I was right ... you are in Argentina :) Oh how I would love to tango. It looks so sensual.

  2. I'm so stupid, I forgot to tell you that I have friends filming a remake of Evita in Buenos Aires right now!!

    Look out for them and see if you can sneak in behind the scenes!

    Hugs and sleek tango moves,
    Lola (my nickname works wonderfully with the whole Argentina vibe, no?)

  3. Such beautiful people and places!

    I love the song Don't Cry for Me, Argentina. Eva Peron is stunning. An amazing woman.

  4. I know, it's so easy to say "Don't Cry for me etc.).... but, it IS a passionate song! My Ex-Ex (yes, that's two ex's) an Englishman - and I can remember being at a posh dinner in London when he and his friends changed the words to "Don't Cry for Me, Port Stanley"....this was during the Falklands War... myself!

    Love these photos -except I have given up chocolate for Lent..and those churros and chocolate look DELICIOUSO!!!!!!!

    I KNOW you are enjoying yourself!!!! More photos soon!

    Con Amore,

    ♥ Your "Twin" ♥

  5. Looks as though you are happily landed in Argentina. And you have wonderful pictures!

    Evita was a fascinating woman. She worked hard to improve the lives of poor people, for which she has been justly rewarded in the soul of her nation.

  6. We're all looking forward to your adventures and photos. Tango on the streets? Ole!

  7. Oh! i'm so happy your enjoying south america. have a wonderful wonderful time. (i can see you are!)

    living vicariously through you right now,
    xoxo lori

  8. This couple is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your trip.

  9. Glad you are enjoying your trip.;)) The photographs of the dancing couple are absolutely stunning!!
    Have a lovely weekend.;))

  10. I've not been to South America, so I'm going to enjoy this trip with you virtually
    So colourful

  11. wow - looks wonderful - keep those photos coming if possible - amazing to see

  12. i am excited just knowing there will be more pictures! you are one lucky duck and thank you for taking your friends here along!

    don't cry for me, boo boo chicken.

    that's my own mantra.

    have a great time, amanda,


  13. This place is so colorful, espacially in comparsion with our long gray and white winter!
    Excellent shots!

  14. I could kill you for those churros.

    No, really... murder.

  15. that is how I imagined Cuba to look! i love tagging along on your travels - so enticing and intruiging. travel safe and thanks for taking us with you ♡

  16. Woo-hoo..funfunfun!!I'm sooo enjoying this adventure..oops..I mean YOUR enjoying this adventure..Heehee..Hugs,Cat

  17. So you are in Argentina ! Have you visited the bohemian Palermo "Hollywood" ? Eaten at Siga la Vaca en Puerto Madero ? La Casa Rosada ? Santelmo Market on a Sunday ? Ricoleta Cimeterio ? So many questions, so little time...

  18. Thoroughly fabulous !

    Can't wait to see more of your discoveries from the deep south...

  19. mango tango jango mambo panda!

  20. Gorgeous tango couple! Looking forward to more travel stories!

  21. aaawww goodness, another trip for this old codger. thnx,,

  22. Magical captures.... thanks for sharing these wonderful images.


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