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note: this post is dedicated to my new friends dumdad and tim who share a love of jethro tull♡

ian anderson of jethro tull performing one of his mind-splitting flute solos

in the past couple of days i've come across songs i used to listen to all the time when i was in college.

and then there was that big gap of time when i got married, got a job, had kids.......

and i forgot how much i liked this music. especially joni mitchell. god, listening to her play a case of you sends me over the edge. how could i have forgotten how much i liked this song?

pure joni

but now that the kids are leaving the nest, i find i am re-discovering things like this. is life meant to be this way? we start out single, free to roam the world, and all the music of that time period sticks to those memories like honey.

then years later when you come up for air after the house remodelings, soccer matches, fencing tournaments, dance recitals, dirty laundry, dabbed tears and letting out hems, it happens. you enter a wormhole and revert to your old self. and all the old music comes back with it.

lately i've been on a jethro tull jag.

no one rocks the flute like ian anderson, i'm sorry, no one. 

the one leg lifting like a stork when he was really into it, those whoops of breath taken in between blazing riffs..............lordy. i'm back on my lawn in minnesota overlooking the lake, suntanning. aqualung is on the record player in my bedroom, the speakers pointed outside. the sounds of speed boats sawing around my ears and smell of coppertone. the sky darkens with the approach of a summer thunderstorm and just on cue, the opening guitar strums of tull's song, My God, come creeping through the window with the same ominous intensity...

i'm a bit too young for the jimi hendrix and janis joplin era but i have a brother and sister who are older, were much cooler than i and way into that music - my brother played in a band in our town called the poore boyes (love that olde englishe spelling that was hip in the 60s).

they played at a local venue called danceland -- and before they became famous so did a little known band at the time called the rolling stones (probably where jagger honed his elastic body contortions across the stage)

.......i have memories of my brother and his bandmates jamming in the basement - the metal twangs and thunking of the drumset wafting up through the house's ductwork into my bedroom lulled me to sleep.

anyway, i'm into a mood where i'm thanking the music gods for joni and jethro.....

and warren zevon i love you, god rest your soul. what kind of mind thinks up a song like excitable boy?

.............or my favorite:  lawyers, guns and money

here he is doing a really nice acoustic rendition of that song

there are plenty more i haven't mentioned.....anyone else want to share their fave 70s rock band?

images courtesy of gryphons aerie and the st. louis examiner


  1. It's funny how we revert to the music of our youth. Tull was great but I also loved (still do) Led Zep and Free among others. In fact, Paul Rodgers is my favourite rock/blues singer bar NONE!

  2. P.S. Thanks for dedicating this post to me. Very honoured. So much so that I've added you to my blogroll, if that's okay with you.

  3. i would love to learn to play the guitar. something very romantic about it i think.

  4. Hey DD -- I've heard of Led Zep of course, but not Free or Paul Rodgers -- but plan to look him up as i love blues singers (my fave is Robert Cray)

    Thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll - cool!!

    - am honored and will do the same here~

    also would like to officially "follow" your blog but can't seem to find where to do that (i think yours is powered by another company than mine which is eblogger)....will keep looking how to figure that out

  5. Kamana ---i agree - the guitar is a very romantic instrument. never learned how to play either..but greatly admire those who do~~

  6. Amanda,

    "to officially "follow" your blog", ignoring the split infinitive (the pedant in me!) I'm too dumb to actually know (see, I split them as well) how to do that. Help!

  7. You came over and commented on my blog. You asked if I've read Annie Dillard's The Writing Life. You know, I did read some of it years ago. A few years ago I checked out some of her books to re-read her, but didn't have time in my life then to get very far. I LOVE her. She's an awesome, gifted writer. She's from my "era." Your mentioning her makes me want to read some of her now. Thanks! As for the 70s, I can't think of any. I remember the 50s and 60s. I was in my 20s all through the 60s. (I'm older than you, and practically everyone else on Blogger; but I'm having so much fun!)

  8. DD - For sites like mine (Eblogger) there is a feature along the side that says "Follow." All you do is click on that and follow the prompts-

    I will keep looking on your blog to see where this feature is hidden;-)

  9. Hi Ann!

    The reason I suggested Annie Dillard is that I just read her book and thought it was great - but after reading your recent post I would like to check out Stephen King's book on writing as well.

    So your favorite music era is the 50s and 60s!!! Elvis, the Beatles......Woodstock....Peter, Paul and Mary, right?! All that music is timeless for sure --- never goes out of style♡

  10. And the Beach Boys and the Byrds and the Stones and Bob Dylan and Joan Baez and the Mammas and the Pappas - the sixties were just an incredible inventive time for music. But you are too young, me gal, can`t know of those Hippie Times. If you scroll back a few posts at Vagabonde`s, you will find her description of the time!

    I found your comment on Janelle`s, so I`m glad you have found her. If you put her title (something like) The flip-flop Zazibar Ghost Man in the search line, you are in for a hilarious post!!
    Love your blog, too!

  11. I love how music, as with perfume can transport you back in time ...
    David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Rod Stewart, spring to mind followed by many more British Glam rock and punk rock there was a lot happening musically in the 70's when you think about it*!*

  12. geli - beach boys, byrds, stones, dylan, baez, mammas and papas - yesyesyes!!! the gold standard of the era!!

    will check out vagabonde's post as well as janelle's zanzibar ghost man - thanks dear xo


    hi annie!

    you're right - there was SO much happening musically in the 70s - how could i forget bowie, pink floyd and rod stewart --- then there's queen, which i recently got introduced to, only 30 years later!!!

    yes - perfume can take you back as well -- my sister calls it deja pew!!! ;-)

  13. Sorry it's taken me so long to comment on this, and thanks for the mention! Like you, I'm a bit too young for Hendrix (to my eternal regret) and so bands like JT could be 'mine' at a time when things like that seemed to matter. You couldn't quite like the same things as your older friends and relatives!

    It's about time the band headlined at Glastonbury, imho...

  14. tim - you're right - each generation needs their own music and i'm glad to claim the 70s....even my own son prefers that to a lot of the current stuff ~~

    would love to know more about glastonbury - is that an ongoing venue for bands? and does tull still perform?? (sadly, we never see them stateside)

    glastonbury's been on my 'wish to visit' list for ages - now to see tull there would be icing on the cake ;-)

  15. A case of you - Joni - wow!! Also really love Coyote. It sends me over the moon. xx

  16. reya - i must look coyote up!


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